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Drawn to Nostalgia

I have to admit it – I am a magpie. I collect stuff that makes me happy and I struggle to part with it. Some of these things are a little kooky and odd, but they have meaning and put a smile on my face. I think that’s what drew me to illustrator Jacqueline Ong, her exhibition “Drawn to Nostalgia” held at The Little Drom Store (Nov 2012) in Singapore really captures an ethos I have grown to appreciate since becoming a freelance designer: “The routine and business of life compelled me to rethink what happiness means. Simple things, I believe, can make us happy”

Jacqueline’s collection of illustrations is based on everyday objects taken from her childhood and create a warm, familiar feeling. So many of them vaguely similar to things I cherished as a kid too. All well loved and so simple, as life was when we where little.

Jacqueline Ong

Jacqueline Ong

Jacqueline Ong

Jacqueline Ong
Check out more of Jacqueline’s work here

Meet Ms Betty


My love for red foxes is huge! You just have to check out my every growing Pinterest board to know I like all things related this gorgeous creature. So imagine my delight when I came across Ms Betty. This adorable hand made felted vixen is, along with a family of other irresistible softies, the crafted child of Mia from Manomine.

Do yourself a favor and visit Mia’s blog, but be warned, this wont be a 2 minute exercise. Make some tea, get a snack and forget getting to those emails for at least an hour or so. If you are anything like me you will spend the better part of your morning looking at each of her gorgeous little boxes (or suitcases) filled with the sweetest forest friend loveliness. Mia painstakingly adds so much detail into each unique piece. Putting together little photo albums, lovingly creating the teeny tiniest little pastries, sewing tiny winter coats and knitting wooly hats. All so special and detailed.

One (or two) of Mia’s creations are definitely going on my Christmas wish list.
So visit her blog to check out more of her irresistible creations, even if you don’t have kids, these little creatures are a shear delight. If you are lucky you may be able to snap one up, they are quite sought after little critters!

All photos are from Mia’s blog

Softies for the twins

As some of you may be aware, I recently became an aunt. Okay, there is NO way I will ever be addressed as Aunty Jo, but I can proudly say I have acquired the title none the less. My sweet little sister recently gave birth to the teeny tiniest little twins and today is their 3 week birthday. Happy 3 weeks Annabelle and Dominic! To make this day even more special today is the day they get to go home for the first time.

Having little ones in the family does give me the opportunity to drool over the cutest of things, adorable shoes, awesome beanies with ears, rompers with tails and insanely cute bibs… Why dont they make these things for grown ups?

Here is my first post of things that are on my “Aunty” wish list. Softies – all cuddly enough for sleep time.

Softies for the twins
1 – Sara Carr
2 – Marisa Girardi
3 – Sara Carr
4 – Sara Carr
5 – Janee Lookerse
6 – Sara Carr
7 – Sleepy King

wooly beasties

While trying to find some much needed creative inspiration, I stumbled across this adorable yellow giraffe made by Debi van Zyl on her really inspiring site. His crazy red button eyes and skinny legs really have put a smile on my face.

knitted giraffe