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Dish Cup Ring by Martin Azua

How often do you see an amazing idea and wish you had thought of that? Well today I stumbled across just such a gem. It’s the Dish Cup Ring by Martin Azua. Martin is a Basque designer working in Barcelona.

This piece was commissioned by a friend of the designer who wanted: “a plate, cup and ring that can be used for presenting and eating small desserts. Later, it can be used as a keepsake ring from a special meal.”

So clever!

Martin Azua's Dish Cup Ring

Martin Azua's Dish Cup Ring

Martin Azua's Dish Cup Ring

Martin Azua's Dish Cup Ring

Martin Azua's Dish Cup Ring

Martin Azua's Dish Cup Ring

All photos are from Martin Azua’s website

Heng Lee Brooches

I spotted these embroidered brooches on Pinterest and couldn’t resist showing you. Aren’t they just so gorgeous? I don’t know much about them other than that they are made by the very talented Heng Lee, a Taiwanese Jewelry designer. You can see more of Heng Lee’s work on his Facebook page

Heng Lee Jewelry

Heng Lee Jewelry

Heng Lee Jewelry

Heng Lee Jewelry

Heng Lee Jewelry

All photos from Heng Lee’s Facebook page

Magical wing necklaces

Okay, I admit, I am a bit of a girly girl and butterflies do make me happy – so imagine my delight when I stumbled across Derya Aksoy and her magical butterfly necklaces. They are so delicate and so whimsical – each piece as perfect as the original moths and butterflies it was modeled on.

Derya makes her gorgeous pieces by transffering real butterfly and moth wings to organza fabric after which each creature is hand cut and assembled into a truly unique and special artwork. So so pretty!

You can read more about Derya (who is from Istanbul) on her Facebook page and check out more of her fairytale necklaces in her Etsy store.

Derya Aksoy Butterfly NecklaceDerya Aksoy Butterfly NecklaceDerya Aksoy Butterfly NecklaceDerya Aksoy Butterfly Necklace

Make Your Own Neon Pink Earrings

DIY - make your own neon pink earings

I spotted a gorgeous pair of neon pink drop earrings at a shop at the V&A Waterfront. Of course it was way too expensive for my likings, but it got me thinking. Surely I could make my own? I had bought the most amazing neon pink spray paint from Shelf Life in Bree Street (Cape Town) and was itching to spray stuff with it, so naturally this DIY project would be the perfect task. Here is how I did it.

Tools needed:
Pair of inexpensive drop earrings (these are from Mr Price)
Neon pink spray paint
Old newspaper

The Process:
Step 1: Cover all work surfaces in the newspaper.
Step 2: Cover the posts of your earrings with a little tape (so as to prevent the paint from adhering)
Step 3: Spray your earrings with the crazy neon paint. Remembering to use lots of light coats. Leave each coat to dry thoroughly before applying another – this will make the finish much neater.
Step 4: Leave to dry completely.

Voila – you have a super glamorous pair of killer neon pink drop earrings!

I love the Easter Bunny

It’s that time of the year again – the smell of toasted hot cross buns is common place around tea time and the idea of a chocolate induced comma is not that far off. Easter – I love you!

What are your family traditions? Do they involve egg hunts and wearing silly bunny ears? Or are you just going to relax with family and friends and enjoy the last bits of our glorious summer?

What ever you plan to do, have a glorious weekend.

PS. J’aime le Lapin de Pâques is French for I love the Easter Bunny (cute hey?)

Easter BunnyEaster BunnyEaster BunnyEaster Bunny

1 – Bunny Cat
2 – Gold Bunny Earings
3 – Gold Bunny Shoes
4 – White Rabbit Lamp
5 – Honey Bunny Coat

Delicious Accessories

I have no recollection of how I got to Miam’s website. I often click on a zillion links to read later when I am madly busy with work (serious work avoidance syndrome). For my sins I have spent the better part of the day working up quite a sweet tooth ogling over her amazing little creations.

They all look so delicious and totally edible, thankfully accessorizing with one of these cute teatime treats won’t cost you any extra calories. However, it will be a nagging reminder of the inevitable and before you know it you find yourself standing in the queue at Woolies with a basket full of pastries.

Anyhow, who cares – you only live once after all. May as well have your cake and wear it!


Check out more yummy goodies here.

More early Christmas shopping

September is here and we are slowly creeping closer to Christmas, so here is part two of my Christmas shopping list (see the first installment here)

All these beauties can be found on the glorious Hello Pretty website – BUT BE WARNED – this site may cause a serious case of the vapors! I keep spotting things that take my breath away – I must have them all!

Hello Pretty is constantly being updated with gorgeous new goodies, all perfect for wrapping and putting under the tree (yes, I know its early, but I am on mission to get the horrid task done before the maddening crowd).

Oh and don’t forget to stop at the Pretty Pretty shop, there are some cute stocking fillers for guys and girls

Hello PrettyHello PrettyHello PrettyHello PrettyHello PrettyHello Pretty

1. Oh Hi There Card by Happiness Is
2. Fly Away Birds Cushion Cover by handmade by me
3. Pretty Proteas Cushion Cover by handmade by me
4. Sewing Machine 2 Necklace by Bow Peep
5. Love Bird by Forgetmeknot
6. Iroko Faset Ring by dor&kie jewellery objects
7. Ceramic bokkie by Maiden Name
8. Tying the Knot Gift Card by Lauren Fowler
9. Zoo Biscuit cushion cover by Design Kist
10. Tetromino triple Pendant by dor&kie jewellery objects

Cute little animals to brighten your day

I am desperately in love with these gorgeous creatures from Le Animalé. Lauren has created the most adorable menagerie of tiny animals, all created in clay and paint. They are so sweet and special. Definitely going on my Christmas wish list (yes, Santa – I am starting early!)

Le Animale
Le Animale
Le Animale
Le Animale

Le Animale

Check out more here

Golden Delicious

Warning: Magpies look away now! The following post may be damaging to your retinas.

Golden Delicious
Golden Delicious
Golden Delicious
Golden Delicious
Golden Delicious

Kim Buck is goldsmith and creator of these nuggets of shiny goodness. I love all of them, but if I was to pick one, I think I would go for the Swine and Pearls necklace. Which is your favourite?

(all photos from Kim Buck’s website)

Tale of a horse, a rabbit and a deer.

Aren’t these magical little animals the cutest? I have Anthea from Embracing Style to thank for them. I was luck enough to win them in a recent lucky draw on her gorgeous blog.

This trio of magnificently crafted brooches were lovingly made by the very talented Elske Nel. I have lusted after Elske’s stunning brooches for a while now. Then last year at the Design Indaba, I splashed out and bought one, so I couldn’t have been more pleased to add 3 more Trinket brooches to my collection.

With the nastiness of winter around the corner, I cant wait to pin them to my coats and start showing them off. (I already have a whole outfit planned around the horse brooch)

Thanks once again to Anthea for picking my name and thanks to Elske for creating such adorable creatures to brighten up a gloomy winters day!

Guilty jewels

With Easter around the corner, what better way to put to good use the foil that your Easter Bunnies came wrapped in. Jeannette Jansen had a stylish solution: The 3600 kcal necklace. And if that sounds like way too many calories, then you could always opt for the 60kcal pin. Brilliant!