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Kitchen love

Tomorrow is an important day in South Africa – we all get to cast our vote, thus doing our part to move our special country forward.

What are you planning to do for the rest of the day? Hang out with family or friends? Relax at home? Eat something delicious?

Isn’t it wonderful how food always seems to be at the center of most celebrations and special occasions. Tomorrow is no exception. We are planning a braai with friends which will naturally involve lots of laughing, a healthy supply of bubbly (our mates are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary), lazy dogs, kids playing and general public holiday shenanigans – I can’t wait!

While looking for recipes for interesting salads to serve tomorrow I was reminded of Julie’s Kitchen – if you aren’t already following Julie Lee on Instagram, do so right away! Her photos are so delicious, and will have you totally inspired to whip up something amazing in the kitchen.

According to Julie Lee, Julie’s Kitchen is “where photography and food fall in love” – I couldn’t agree more. Her style is clean and fresh with every detail meticulously planned and executed.
Her delicate photos are edible works of art – each composition carefully assembled using produce sourced from local markets (or foraged) and never bought from a store. So beautiful!

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen

All photos by Julie Lee

Food Flags

Delicious flags from around the world – cleverly “cooked” by hungry designers at Aussie agency WHYBIN\TBWA – what a yummy idea!
These flags where created to promote Australia’s biggest food event The Sydney International Food Festival. Each flag represents that country’s favourite nosh – what do you think the South African flag would have been made out of?

Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag

South Korea

Food Flag


Food Flag


Food Flag


All photos from WHYBIN\TBWA

Miniature Food Sculpture

As a child I was fascinated by all things miniature – my doll’s house playing home to my dinky collection. I was so proud of my itty bitty world, especially as a lot of it was hand made. Sadly my pocket money didn’t stretch far enough to purchase the mail order chandelier that lit up, nor could I afford the replica designer couch and recliner. Instead my crafty Gran would help me stitch tiny little cushions and make teeny duvets for the beds. I would paint miniature paintings for the walls and bind tiny little books for the library – I was in my element.

NOW – had Shay Aaron been creating his unbelievable food sculptures way back then, then I would definitely have made a plan to save my weekly chore money to buy a tiny creation.
Shay’s “dishes” are created at a scale of 1:12, in other words super small and super realistic. Perfect for my minature kitchen… I wonder if that doll’s house is still standing, gathering dust somewhere?

See more of Shay Aaron’s work on his Facebook page

Miniature Food SculptureMiniature Food SculptureMiniature Food SculptureMiniature Food SculptureMiniature Food SculptureMiniature Food SculptureMiniature Food SculptureMiniature Food SculptureMiniature Food SculptureMiniature Food Sculpture
Photos from here
For more minature deliciousness check out this previous post

Pancakes anyone?

Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday and tomorrow the beginning of Lent. I have to admit that I am a bit of a pancake nut. Pancakes where probably one of the first things my Mum taught me how to cook, not the fat American style pancakes (similar to what I know to be flapjacks) but the super thin, crepe style pancakes that you can safely eat a dozen of.
We always had then sprinkled with lots of sugar and cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon – bliss!

Tonight I shall be donning my apron to make a sinfully massive pile of these delicious treats, after all Lent only starts in the morning.

Here is my recipe for the perfect pancake, it comes out of a very old and much loved cook book of mine – Mrs Beaton’s Everyday Cookery (published in 1963) This cookbook is full of recipes I grew up with, and to spite its dated photos and horrid blue cover its a favourite in my collection. I love that certain pages (like the pancake page) are covered in little splash marks and finger prints, evidence that these recipes have been made often.

Basic Pancake Mixture.

250g plain flour
500ml milk
1/4t salt
2 eggs

Prepare batter by sifting the flour and salt into a basin. Make a well in the middle of the flour and break the eggs into this. Slowly add the milk in, stirring consistently until you have created a smooth batter OR if you have a food processor (and this is not in Mrs Beaton’s version of the recipe) wang everything into the processor and whizz it until you have a smooth batter.

Set the batter aside for at least a half hour.

Heat up a your frying pan with a small amount of oil (I use canola), wait for oil to just start smoking, then swirl in enough of the batter to cover the bottom of the pan, tilting the pan to make sure the batter covers the pan evenly. Cook the pancake till it’s a golden colour and then carefully flip it over to cook the other side.

Once done pop the pancake onto a plate, sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar and roll up. Store the finished pancake in a warm place till you are done making the rest.

Serve with a wedge of lemon and a nice cuppa tea.


The Pancake Poster was created by WILDISH&CO.

Spier Secret Festival

This past weekend Alexis and I where lucky enough to attend the Spier Secret Festival (read more about it here). Naturally I took the opportunity to snap some photos of all the festivities – we listened to fantastic speakers, scoffed delicious food and sipped on chilled wine.
All in all a fantastic day.

Spier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret Festival

A recipe for the perfect cherry pie

Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie

I have always had a crazy love for typography. I suppose it began while studying Graphic Design at the old Cape Tech. Apart from learning all the theory behind typography we also had to recreate entire font families, by hand!
Nuts, I know, but a vital step in the true appreciation of well set type. Computers and graphics programs simply cannot space letters as well as the human eye, its about feeling the white space around the letters and making it work.
Nothing irritates me more than seeing badly kerned lettering. There simply isnt an excuse for it – it’s just laziness.

Hand lettering is a craft which I am so pleased to see is currently experiencing a huge revival. Being very inspired by ascenders and descenders, kerning and leading, I have hauled out my old drawing pens and note pad, in an enthused attempt to start font doodling again. Thanks to my dear husband, Alexis, who gave me a copy of “Just My Type” by Simon Garfield for my birthday, I really do feel armed to make the most of this artistic whim (so watch this space).

On another note, they say you eat with your eyes first, well if you could make the actual recipe you are reading just as delicious as the dish you intend baking, then you are onto something truly magical.

Inspired by hand lettered chalk boards, Leanda from One Little Bird Studio manages to make your mouth water while reading her Cherry Pie recipe. Her blog is equally as gorgeous, filled with beautiful colours, inspirational posts and fantastic typography (serious blog crush material).

Cherry Pie Recipe

The scrumptious Cherry Pie photos are from another glorious blog you have to visit, Raspberri Cupcakes, but be warned, you may gain a dress size just drooling over Steph’s delicious photographs. This woman knows how to cook!

Hand Lettering by Leanda from One Little Bird Studio
Cherry Pie photos by Steph from Raspberry Cupcakes

Delicious treats

Every Monday is started swearing to my self that this week I am going to be very good, no chocies, no biscuits with tea, no ice cream. Well I got off to a fabulous start when I stumbled upon Cannelle et Vanille, the photography is amazing and the delicous treats are truely decadent. Well worth a visit.

Petit Patisserie

Just a quick post, seems I am going to be burning the midnight oil again. Here is a another example of calorie free pastries. These are made by KupKup. How cute!


…more cupcakes

Thankfully drooling over beautiful photography of delicious cupcakes is not going to add on any extra inches. Christina Peters is the most amazing photographer with crisp, clean style… me likes!
cup cakes