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Daschund love

Daschund love

Recently I have completely fallen in love these short legged, little critters. I am not really a small dog kinda gal – Border Collies and Red Setters are more my thing – big, bouncy and full of fun, but it appears I have developed a soft spot for these dinky canines.

We live in a house with a very small outside area and having a gigantic hound just wouldn’t be fair. So, as a result, we have never really considered having a dog. Most small dogs are too yappy and full of nervous nonsense for my likings. Possibly a Jack Russel could have worked, but they tend to be VERY loud if not constantly entertained and very strictly trained. The natural alternate (as most of our friends have said to us) would be to own a Frenchie or a Boston terrier, but as much as I love these gorgeous dogs, I simply can’t bring myself to get one. Too many people have them – they are everywhere and I am not inclined to follow pooch trends. Don’t get me wrong, they are such adorable dogs, and I can totally understand why people have flocked to get them, but I prefer to do things a little differently, so I think a Daschund would be best for us.

Admittedly getting a puppy is a long way off for us as there is a lot to still consider – we are very much in love with our gorgeous cat, Stripes and she is NOT a fan of the “dog” at all. So lots of thought will have to go into how we go about things.

Well in the interim, I have started investigating the whole Daschund story and I am so pleased to see that some pretty impressive famous folks have also fallen for this sassy breed – check out these photos of well knowns and their “Daxie” companions.

Daschund loveDaschund_pp3Daschund_pp4Daschund_pp5Daschund_pp6

Photo source:
Cover – Audrey Hepburn
1 – Marilyn Manroe
2 – JFK
3 – Clint Eastwood
4 – Pablo Picasso
5 – Gary Cooper
6 – Leonard Nimoy
7 – Andy Warhol
8 – Marlon Brando
9 – The Queen and Queen Mum
10 – Bridgette Bardot