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Pretty Pretty Kitties now available online

Pretty Pretty Kitties

If you have been following along on Instagram you may have seen a couple of photos of my growing family of Kitties – No, not the furry kind, instead the handmade felt kind. The kind you can squidge and smoosh your face into without the threat of sharp nails and flying fur (although I still try this with Stripes)

Well, much to my delight I am happy to announce these little cuddly babies are now available for adoption. Yes you could be the proud owner of a Pretty Pretty Kitty. Just pop over to my Pretty Pretty store on Hello Pretty and snap one up before they all find their forever homes.

Adopt Now

I am hoping to expand the colours of the Kitties, so if you have a preference or perhaps you would like a Kitty that looks like your fur baby, then drop me a mail – I will see what I can do.

Be sure to visit Hello Pretty to see all of the Kitty gang.

Pretty Pretty Kitties

Pretty Pretty Kitties

Pretty Pretty Kitties

Pretty Pretty Kitties

All Photos are taken by moi (Joanne Reidy)

On my Christmas wish list: An embroidered kitty shirt

Dear Father Christmas – please, please, please can I also have a purrfectly crisp white linen shirt embroidered by Hiroko Kubota. Thanks so much – xxx

Apparently these amazing shirts were first made for Hiroko Kubota’s cat obsessed son. Kubota is a Japanese embroidery artist who’s talents are being snapped up as her gorgeous shirts sell like hot cakes. You can see more of her photos here and check out her Etsy shop here.

So adorable – I am in love!

hiroko kubotahiroko kubotahiroko kubotahiroko kubotahiroko kubotahiroko kubotahiroko kubotahiroko kubotahiroko kubotahiroko kubota

All photos by Hiroko Kubota

Rag Dolls – part 4

Christmas is around the corner and my search for the perfect soft toy Christmas gift for my little niece is getting more pressing. There are just so many incredible examples of softies out there that I can’t make up my mind and to make matters worse, I recently discovered a bunch of kitties specially made for cuddling – check out these adorable Cat Softies:

Cat Rag DollsCat Rag DollsCat Rag DollsCat Rag DollsCat Rag Dolls

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Rag Dolls (Part 1)

When I was little my Nanna (my Mum’s sister) made me a very pretty rag doll – Emily. Emily was very special, her little white dress with red polka dots, frilly knickers and plaited brown wool hair where all lovingly put together, everything was washable and super practical, very important as Emily went everywhere with me. To keep up with tradition, I too am contemplating making a rag doll for my niece… but being the Aunt that I am, this is not going to be a run of the mill rag doll, no siree! I am thinking envy of the playgroup kinda rag dolly – gorgeously cuddly, very unusual, super soft and (if possible) very pretty!

As part of my research into the ultimate rag doll, I have stumbled upon many great examples of unusual rag dolls. Here is my latest favorite. It’s made by Slovenian Studio 13. Cute hey?

Did you have a rag doll (or such) as a child? Do you remember what she looked like? I would love to hear your rag doll story.

Rad doll Cats

Your Pet and You

Do you have a pet (or two)? We do, Stripes is her name and she is the world’s best cat. If you follow me on Instagram you will be very familiar with my feline companion, little business partner and shadow. Stripey Cat rules the roost in our house and life would not be the same without her.

I am sure I am not the only one who dotes over their pet, in fact I know I am not alone. You only have to go to De Waal park on a Sunday afternoon to see the numbers. People are obsessed with their four legged friends.

Tobias Lang had a brilliant idea, he started photographing his friends and their pets and suddenly folks from all over the world where asking him to capture them too. Check out his Facebook page to see. Tobias is in the process of putting together a coffee table book of his impressive collection. Here are a few of my favorites.

Tobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and YouTobias Lang - Your Pet and You

All photos are by Tobias Lang, check out more of his Your Pet and You collection here

Christmas Kittens

Christmas Kittens

I love this time of year, the level of kitschness can, quite legitimately, go up a full 20 degrees and no one really minds. After all, with Boney M serenading you in every store and gaudy tinsel strangling you at every till point you have little choice other than to be swept up by all the cliches?

One dwindling Christmas tradition I do miss is good old fashioned Christmas cards. As a kid my Mum used to string ours up like bunting and decorate the lounge. Now we simply dont get any. Does anyone still send them?

Anyhow, in my quest for some nostalgia I stumbled upon these gorgeous Kitty Christmas Cards. Aren’t they just so adorably kitsch? I love them. I think next year I am going to make a point of sending out actual real paper Christmas cards to all my friends and family.

Source of the Chirstmas Kittens: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Brighton Cats

It would seem that LOL cats were probably the brain child of Harry Pointer, a photographer based in Brighton during the 1870s. He lovingly took photos of his pet cats, eventually setting them in silly poses like riding bicycles and balancing on a skateboards. To add to the cheesiness, he added little captions to each shot. Not surprisingly folks flocked to buy these daft photos, eventually Pointer had them made into greeting cards and by 1884 the Brighton Cats collection expanded to include around 200 LOL kitties.

You can read more about Pointer and his Brighton Cats Collection here.

Harry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry Pointer

Perfect Pumps

I have to admit that I simply can not resist a cute pair of pumps. I spied these little beauties at Mr Price yesterday and I simply had to have them. Thankfully the sun came out today and I was able to wear them. Aren’t they just too cute?

Perfect Pumps

Collage art

Lately I have been seeing more and more collage art appearing everywhere – while I like a good mashup of style, colour, technique and media, a lot of this new stuff is really quite average. Not so are the clever collage pieces being created by Paris based ( Ma + Chr ).

( Ma + Chr ) is an art and design studio founded by Mathilde Aubier and Christine Delaquaize. Their light hearted, fresh and simple approach is most evident in their Baignade & Parasol collection. Don’t you just love the colours and whimsy of the original photos used.


I couldn’t resist including their crazy cat collection (which I first spotted on Happiness is). Isn’t it silly how adding some human eyes to a really naff kitty photo never fails to entertain. I think my favourite is the last one, the shot with the very nervous looking dog. So cute!


You can see more of ( Ma + Chr ) here.
Do check out Happiness Is too, it’s full of magical goodness.

Dogs underwater

Everyone knows dogs love playing with balls and most of them like water, now combine these three and you have the ingredients for some really amazing photos. Seth Casteel from Little Friends Photo really has managed to capture the sheer brilliance of being a dog. Seth is a very talented photographer and his work has been featured on EXTRA, MSNBC, USA Today, The Today Show, ABC News, AOL, CBS News, JEOPARDY! and PerezHilton.com.

Little Friends Photo
Little Friends Photo
Little Friends Photo
Little Friends Photo
Little Friends Photo
Little Friends Photo
Little Friends Photo
Little Friends Photo
Little Friends Photo
Little Friends Photo

Okay yes, the last shot is of a cat, but hey, my house mate is a cat and I couldn’t resist. Needless to say Seth also takes some pretty fabulous photos of cats too.

All photos from Little Friends Photo

Latest addition: Black Cats

Pretty Pretty Black Cats
Pretty Pretty Black Cats
Pretty Pretty Black Cats
Pretty Pretty Black Cats

Finally they are here, please welcome the Black Cat Collection.
For those of you who have seen these little gems before, they where inspired by a 50 movie audition (see previous post here).

Each Black Cat brooch costs R125 (excluding postage)
Postage to anywhere within South Africa is around R25.
If you’re purchasing from beyond our shores, then please and I will get a quote for the postage.

So which little Black Cat has stolen your heart?
If you are interested in purchasing any of these brooches , and let me know exactly which beastie took your fancy. I will then send you my banking details and pop your Black Cat in the post to you.

Watch out for the Beasty Trophies, soon to be released

Pets on Furniture

My latest addiction is drooling over fabulous websites that showcase inspiring interiors, and amongst my favorites is Desire To Inspire. It’s full of really amazing interiors, with plenty before and after shots to keep the aspiring home DIY enthusiast quite satisfied. I have often had to stop myself from spending “just 10 more minutes” paging through their delicious website.

Well I am now VERY proud to announce that our super amazing house mate, Stripey Cat has been selected to appear in their weekly Pets on Furniture feature.
Pictured below Stripey Cat are two other furry featured friends, Daisy sleeping on the gorgeous printed duvet and Elvis at home on the studded chair.