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Words To End Your Week On

As this is a long weekend and because it’s Easter and because last week I didn’t post a “Words To End Your Week On” and because I simply cant resist – here are three things to keep in mind when relaxing over your mini break.

I hope you all have a safe, happy and blessed Easter weekend.

Words to end your week on
Words to end your week on
Words to end your week on

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A recipe for the perfect cherry pie

Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie

I have always had a crazy love for typography. I suppose it began while studying Graphic Design at the old Cape Tech. Apart from learning all the theory behind typography we also had to recreate entire font families, by hand!
Nuts, I know, but a vital step in the true appreciation of well set type. Computers and graphics programs simply cannot space letters as well as the human eye, its about feeling the white space around the letters and making it work.
Nothing irritates me more than seeing badly kerned lettering. There simply isnt an excuse for it – it’s just laziness.

Hand lettering is a craft which I am so pleased to see is currently experiencing a huge revival. Being very inspired by ascenders and descenders, kerning and leading, I have hauled out my old drawing pens and note pad, in an enthused attempt to start font doodling again. Thanks to my dear husband, Alexis, who gave me a copy of “Just My Type” by Simon Garfield for my birthday, I really do feel armed to make the most of this artistic whim (so watch this space).

On another note, they say you eat with your eyes first, well if you could make the actual recipe you are reading just as delicious as the dish you intend baking, then you are onto something truly magical.

Inspired by hand lettered chalk boards, Leanda from One Little Bird Studio manages to make your mouth water while reading her Cherry Pie recipe. Her blog is equally as gorgeous, filled with beautiful colours, inspirational posts and fantastic typography (serious blog crush material).

Cherry Pie Recipe

The scrumptious Cherry Pie photos are from another glorious blog you have to visit, Raspberri Cupcakes, but be warned, you may gain a dress size just drooling over Steph’s delicious photographs. This woman knows how to cook!

Hand Lettering by Leanda from One Little Bird Studio
Cherry Pie photos by Steph from Raspberry Cupcakes