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Go for it – it’s Wednesday after all.

Good Morning – today is the already the middle of the week – wow! This week is escaping quickly.
Go out there and make today count.

Original source of typography not known (here is where I found it)

Seize the day


I admit – it’s been a long while since my last post – in that time so much has happened.

I launched two new and exciting websites – really cool.
Alexis and I travelled to the other side of the globe & visited 5 new countries – so so amazing!
Then sadly we came home to a mini train smash/family crisis that needed a lot of immediate decision making and a bunch of lifestyle changes for all concerned – not ideal.

So sadly, blogging and getting back into the swing of things has taken a back seat – also not great.
BUT – this week I am determined not to let the outside world get the better of things, so I hope to be back to some form of routine as soon as possible.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Here’s to not giving in and not letting life overwhelm you!

(typography poster from here)

Early Birds

It’s 7am and the sun isn’t even up yet – winter really is not agreeing with me. Thankfully we leave for Europe on Friday and apparently the sun is up in Berlin at 4:30 in the morning. Hooray!

Do you also need at least two cuppa’s to face the dark and cold world? Then you are going to love this packaging from Douwe Egberts – Simply divine.
(Found via Free Flavour)

Early Bird

Weird is Rad

Just a quick hello and an appology for the lack of posts on my blog recently – been very busy working on a cool website for an even cooler commercials director (soon to be launched) and planning our trip to Europe.

weird is rad

Found here

Smile more

Hey – it’s June already! TO spite the fact that the temperatures are dropping madly and getting up in the dark is the worst torture – I love June. It’s the middle of 2014 and on the 21st it’s the Winter Solstice (also the shortest day of the year) and after that the days start getting longer again – YEAH!.

This June is also extra special as it’s full of epic birthday celebrations – starting with my Mum’s 70th and ending on Alexis’s big 40th – with a couple of other birthdays sprinkled in between. All in all a fabulous month to be happy and grateful – to remember to smile more.


Photo from here
Smile More by Olga Vasik

Words to end your week with

As much as I have loved this short week, trying to squeeze five days of work into three really has thrown my work routine out of whack – as a result my “to do” list for today is laughable. Never mind – I will survive, especially if aided by a strong espresso and a healthy chunk of chocolate.

So, to end your week on an enlightened note, here are the wise words of Ernest Hemingway (beautifully illustrated by Lisa Congdon).

Hope your Friday is super productive too.

Wise Words - Ernest Hemingway

See more of Lisa’s work here.

Happy Monday

I have my moments and last week I spotted this brilliant graphic and it could not have been more true.
Let’s hope this week is a little less tricky!

Happy Monday folks.

Too old
Found here

Wise Words

Yikes, it has been far too long since my last Wise Words post! To get us back on track for the Weekly Wise Words here are some very pertinent sentiments to refer to daily.
Created by Bianca Cash

Wise Words

Wise Words

If you, like me, are having a crazy week and can’t seem to find time to pause and breathe, then here is a little mid week motivation to keep your spirits lifted and your heart pointed in the right direction.

I am afraid I cannot find any solid reference as to who’s quote it is and who did the lettering, but it seems so relevant that I simply had to post it. If you know more about its origins then please let me know.

Have a happy and productive Wednesday folks.

Wise Wiords

Wise Words to start your week with

Can you believe it, the first week of December is here? If you are also feeling overwhelmed with life in general, then this gorgeous wise words typographic reminder, from Colette Creative, will ring true for you.

Remember to stop and take a deep breath – this too shall pass.

Wise Words from Colette Creative