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Black Cats Sneak Peek

Yippee, I am nearly ready to reveal my little treasures to the world!
The last few weeks have been a mad cycle of photographing and editing and re-photographing and re-editing but finally I see light at the end of this crazy tunnel.

For someone who’s design career thus far has been entirely online, I feel surprisingly nervous putting my product up for everyone to gawk at. I am sure lots of crafters have had similar experiences?
I suppose its because what I do, as a craft, is so much more intimate than my digital design work. Not that I don’t get really passionate about my digital work, but with that work there is always a client and a brief and a (normally mad) deadline to keep in mind, so lots of external factors influence each digital design.
However, with my crafting, each piece is made with no one other than me in mind. If I think something is going to be pretty, or cute, or to die for, then that’s what I make. Simple!

As I am so excited to finally see all my little babies coming to life, I thought I would post a quick sneak peek of one of the ranges of my brooches. This little collection is called “Black Cats” and is inspired by this wonderful series of photos (by Ralph Crane) from 1961. It is thought that these audition photos could have been for Roger Corman’s “Tales of Terror” (1962), which is a film adaptation of a trio of Edgar Allen Poe stories including “The Black Cat”.
Read more here and see all the pics here.

I just love how the all the cat owners where so beautifully dressed and how pampered those black kitties looked. I simply had to immortalise these hollywood starlets in a brooch.

(photos from: LIFE, click here for more)