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Gorgeous Gardening

Golden Garden Hose
Spring is around the corner and I must admit that I have been neglecting our little garden – I spotted this gorgeous gold garden hose and now I am totally inspired to dash out out there and water stuff. Garden Glory make the prettiest hoses (with co-ordinated nozzles) – so elegant!

If gold is a bit too much bling for you, the hoses come in an assortment of gorgeous colour, check them out here

Isn’t it just the most glamorous garden accessory you have ever seen? Of course the antler inspired wall mount is just too cute too – these are going on my Christmas list – Santa, please take note!


Google Map Pin Birdhouse

Taiwanese designer Shu-Chun Hsiao’s super slick Google Map Pin Birdhouses are the ultimate dwelling for the well traveled bird – now our feathered friends can make no mistake as to where their final destination is. Adorable!
See more of Shu-Chun Hsiao’s work here

Found on Designboom

Insect Life

I just love these entomological studies by UK textile artist Claire Moynihan. Claire’s attention to detail is amazing and each tiny creature is lovingly hand embroidered and attached to a felted ball. Once a collection is complete, she assembles the specimens in gorgeous glass display cases, each worthy of exhibition in any natural history collection.

Garden Snail- Claire MoynihanHornet - Claire MoynihanLadybird - Claire MoynihanLousy Watchman - Claire MoynihanSouthern Hawker - Claire MoynihanWasp - Claire MoynihanBumblebee Claire MoynihanFramed bugs - Claire Moynihan
See more of Claire’s work here
Found via Colossal

The Maria S.C chandelier

I am a bit of a sucker for a chandelier and still firmly believe that any girly girl worth her salt should insist on one in every room. I recently discovered this gorgeously simple example on Etsy and have already picked the prefect spot for it in our little house.

The Maria S.C. chandelier is created by designer Pani Jurek who was inspired to create this found object light fixture by fellow Polish Nobel Prize winner, scientist Maria Sklodowska-Curie.

You can purchase one of these gems on Pani’s Etsy page


Kitchen Renovations

Our kitchen has been a construction site for four weeks now. Four weeks is a VERY long time, especially when you are forced to wash dishes in the bath. The house is covered in fine white dust and everything is dirty, very dirty.

I am not a happy camper at the moment. I don’t like being cold and I can’t abide a filthy home but for the past month I have had to tolerate both. This does not make for a healthy creative environment to live (and work) in, hence my blog posts have been sparse and my tweets equally as few.

Luckily I am working on two really great Blog Makeover clients at the moment, so I can loose myself in the digital world for the better part of each day while our crew of builders get down to business.

Yowzers, going renovations and working from home may sound like the perfect way to do things, but believe me it isn’t so smart. I am constantly interrupted with requests to lock and unlock the gate, come and look at this, is this what you wanted, sorry about the huge hole we accidentally knocked in the side of your house etc etc.

My “wish I had thought of that” words of wisdom to anyone thinking about doing kitchen renovations is to move out while it happens. If you have a kind friend or relative who will have you over, take them up on the offer. Having to endure a dusty dirty house in the freezing cold when you have no where to cook or clean really does get tiresome. Don’t be brave, move out!

Anyhow, as we are still very much in the thick of things I thought I would show you an Instagram snap shot of the last four weeks. Yesterday the new floor was “thrown” (thrown… apparently this is the correct term in the building industry??) and to spite my best attempts to keep Stripes out of this area, this morning I woke to find her presence immortalised. Oh well, this is probably the best bit of the whole process thus far – a very precious reality check.

Kitchen renovationsKitchen renovationsKitchen renovationsKitchen renovations

I love the Easter Bunny

It’s that time of the year again – the smell of toasted hot cross buns is common place around tea time and the idea of a chocolate induced comma is not that far off. Easter – I love you!

What are your family traditions? Do they involve egg hunts and wearing silly bunny ears? Or are you just going to relax with family and friends and enjoy the last bits of our glorious summer?

What ever you plan to do, have a glorious weekend.

PS. J’aime le Lapin de Pâques is French for I love the Easter Bunny (cute hey?)

Easter BunnyEaster BunnyEaster BunnyEaster Bunny

1 – Bunny Cat
2 – Gold Bunny Earings
3 – Gold Bunny Shoes
4 – White Rabbit Lamp
5 – Honey Bunny Coat

My Year Of Flowers (part 6)

Living on the foot of Table Mountain is such a blessing (except for when the South Easter blows through our little house and drives me insane). As you may know, Table Mountain is covered in its own floral kingdom, a unique and very special natural wonder that we are all very proud of. So naturally when the opportunity to bring home a bunch of fynbos came up I couldn’t resist. Of course, I didn’t pick this bunch myself (you can get a whopping fine if you try) but thanks to Woolies we can all have a stunning bunch of our natural heritage at home. Proteas and fynbos make very resiliant cut flowers and last quite a long time.

It wasn’t until I popped the Ollo Clip on my iPhone that I realised just how hairy these stunning plants are. Guess it must be to trap all the moisture they can in the early morning. Isn’t nature so clever?

Well here is the sixth installment in My Year Of Flowers – Cape Fynbos
(All photos taken with my trusty iPhone and Ollo Clip – not bad hey?)

My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6

Shroom Lights

Only the Japanese could come up with something so delicate and lovely. Yukio Takano of The Great Mushrooming has hand crafted these super cool lamps. They are made from little LED’s that are embeded in intricatly crafted synthetic mushrooms “growing” out of natural wood.

I want one!

You can see more of his mushroom lights here (found via)

Yukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio Takano

My year of flowers

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to always have fresh flowers in our house. I started it off with a bunch of scented stargazer lilies, they where followed by a dreamy vase of purple lisianthus (who had just started looking really sad). Then yesterday evening, dear sweet Alexis surprised me with a gorgeous bunch of brilliant red gladiolus. Aren’t I so lucky? (Top tip – did you know that you can force very tightly closed gladys to bloom by putting loads of ice into thier vase along with the water. Works like a charm!)

Stargazer liliesPurple LisianthusRed Gladioulus

Fresh flowers

This year I made a resolution to always have fresh flowers in the house. So far it’s going well, but I fear that I am going to get very bored with my small collection of vases. I found these beautiful ceramic ones on the Anthropologie website – one of my favourite “lust” stores. Wish they would come to our shores!


See more lovely things on the Anthropology website

Animal love

The interwebs is a mad and devilish place – it keeps showing me things I can’t have / can’t afford to have / am to old to have / simply wont fit me.
So, to tame the magpie in me, I add all tempting finds to my glorious world of Pinterest Boards. Here are a few of my current “must haves”:

Pretty Pretty WishlistPretty Pretty Wish ListPretty Pretty WishlistPretty Pretty Wish ListPretty Pretty WishlistPretty Pretty WishlistPretty Pretty Wish List

Sources for these items are:
1 – Cat mat
2 – Creature Mugs
3 – Ceramic Fox speaker
4 – Penguin friends dessert plate
5 – Ceramic Frenchie Stamper
6 – Cat in pajamas
7 – French clips

Clean and simple

The Scandinavians really do know a thing or two about clean lines and minimalist design, now pair them with the Japanese and you are onto a really good thing.
Mjölk is a Canadian store that stocks just such elegant design combinations. All their carefully chosen pieces are so effortlessly simple – form and function working together in true harmony.

Mjölk DesignMjölkMjölk Mjölk Mjölk Mjölk Mjölk Mjölk

See more products here