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moss rings

Wow arent these amazing, they are made from fake moss and polyurethane. Arthur Hash is a very talented jewelry designer from the US.
arthu hash

Small Things

The magpie in me couldn’t resist putting up this link, gorgeous hand crafted silver over glass. Small Things is the brain child of Teresa Robinson.


Papa Stour

I am very surprised I haven’t put up something from Papa Stour already, they have been a favorite bookmark of mine for sometime. I love attention to detail and there is plenty to pick from here.


This beautiful scarf has a really lovely bird detail and is made from Harris Tweed.


this corsage is made from 100% felted lambs wool and is intricately detailed.


This is my all time favorite piece, a silver bangle lined with brilliant red felt and an exquisite leaf detail. Truly divine!

Dutch Design

The jewelry pieces are created from found objects by Ducth designer Ineke Otte,  on the left are little ceramic souvenirs from Holland and right is made from laminated ivy leaves. Very clever indeed.



Creating something lovely out of found objects really is a joy. Check out Alison Woodward’s collection of beautiful vintage inspired jewelry at Reverie