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dutch design

Ferry Staverman has created this exquisite tree sculptures using Bee Board (a form of layered cardboard using laminate and recycled cardboard). Apparently the pieces vary in height from 2-3,5 meters tall.



Blush blush, it has been a while since the last time I added anything to my blog. I could think of a load of really believable excuses but to be honest with you, I had kinda fallen out of love with lots of things “online”. Which is kinda weird considering my job is “online” and all things related. Anyway I dusted off my old blog this morning and was met by a brilliant punt on on one of my favorite blogs, Spray Glue. Thanks Gary (fellow South African) for the link, I am so flattered to be referred to on one of my “hero” websites. I am now totally back in love with this silly internet business!
spray glue

Made in China

These magical creations are inspired by traditional Chinese furniture pieces embedded with delightful toy like creatures. Have a look at WOKfamily for more really awesome pieces

Cats in Slacks

I stumbled across this site again this evening. Cats in Slacks is a mad collection of prints of cats wearing slacks. Meet Smuckers (left) Dizzy and Waffles (right)