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Colour Inspiration – Turquoise

Being the magpie I am, Pinterest is like a jewel box for me, full of delights for the eyes and the perfect place to collect and squirrel away lots of pretty ideas and inspiration. This month I have decided to share some of my favourite colour collections with you. Today’s hue is turquoise (with a hint of pink). 

Colour Inspiration - turquoise

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Tinned Popes

“Polka Popes” is a crazy cool installation by German artist, Miriam Jonas. Miriam has meticulously sculpted the busts of various Popes (out of kiddies play dough), placed them in old fish tin cans and arranged them on a stark white wall.

But why? I hear you ask. Well this does come at a time when the Catholic Church is welcoming a new Pope and embracing a new era, perhaps Miriam is trying to make light of these heavy proceedings. Could she be hinting at the “fishy” habits of previous clerics? Who knows.

Miriam JonasMiriam JonasMiriam JonasMiriam JonasMiriam Jonas

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Colour Inspiration

Mint and Tangerine – the makings of a delicious cocktail? No, instead the beginnings of a new Blog Makeover for a client – exciting stuff indeed.

Mint and tangerine

I have just started working on a very exciting makeover for the loveliest graphic designer (can’t tell you any more than that at this stage). As part of my Blog Makeover process I usually put together a mood board for each full makeover I do.

This is such a fun process, I get to collect photos, illustrations, typography, colours and styles and pop them all together in one big mood board. This step, in my little creative process, is so therapeutic – kind of like design meditation and being the magpie/bowerbird that I am I have no problem getting lost in Pinterest for hours on end.

Well, my client’s new identity and colour palette are so cheerful and inspiring that I couldn’t resist sharing just a tiny portion of the imagery I have collected to put in her new Blog’s mood board. Okay, I haven’t included all the colours in the new palette, I just picked out two of my favorites – a fresh mint and tangerine splash – so gorgeous!
Ironically these are two colours that keep coming up in designs I am asked to work on, not surprising as they are so lovely.

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Black Cloud

Lepidopterophobes look away now, this next post is NOT for you!

For the rest of us who do not fear the site of these delicate creatures, then feast you eyes on this amazing installation in an old Baroque church in Spain. Tens of thousands of black paper butterflies where painstakingly arranged by Mexican artist Carlos Amorales to create this magical art piece, Black Cloud.

I love this imaginary stolen moment – one can imagine not wanting to breath too deeply for fear of disturbing this rare phenomenon and frightening off the delicately winged creatures.
(found via here)

Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales

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My year of flowers (part 4)

My Year Of Flowers is going along well. I am onto my fourth installment – white lisianthus. Yes, it is my second bunch of these graceful blooms in as many weeks – what can I say, I love them!
Sadly the stunning red gladies Alexis got me wilted very quickly (sob!). I am not sure if it was due to the heat, or if gladiolus just don’t have long vase lives? Anyhow, the lounge is looking really gorgeous again and I am happy.

My year of flowers

Colour Inspiration

Do you ever have days where the same colour keeps popping out at you everywhere? This happens to me often, once I have noticed said colour, I will keep seeing it everywhere – and I mean everywhere: TV ads, magazines, shop windows, business cards etc etc.

This week it has been the turn of an old favourite – purple. A dark and moody colour, full of mystery and intrigue. A colour you can almost touch and smell with your eyes.

As a tribute to the lingering heavy scent of purple, I have put together a mini collection of some of my favourite purple pics of the week.

Colour inspiration: Purple

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