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Joanne Reidy | Digital Designer

Putting together my portfolio has always been a laborious job and one that invariably gets put off – I suppose it comes down to making the time to work on a job that won’t immediately pay. But sometimes, investing in one’s self is the only way to actually make money. So determined to get my act together I embarked on updating my online presence – no easy task – the portfolio gods seemed to be against me from the start. Lots of things kept creeping in, little jobs that needed tweaking and admin that needed doing (you know the story) Then, out of nowhere, my dear laptop decided Christmas holidays where just too far away and perhaps taking a little unscheduled break NOW would be lovely (…panic!)

I was devastated – potentially I had lost a bunch of documents… eek! This meant that my baby had to go in for a very expensive data recovery procedure resulting in three unplanned days without a laptop. IMPOSSIBLE!

I nervously waited for news and, as luck would have it, the lost documents where not retrievable. How frustrating. Luckily I had backups, but these where outdated and some where in fact lost entirely. Yikes, all of this fuss could have been avoided had I been doing regular backups to Time Machine. Well I suppose hind sight is 20/20 (lesson learnt!).

Anyhow, while my laptop was in for repairs, I was faced with unthinkable amounts of “internetlessness”. What would I do without my daily dose of Pinterest? Surely the moon would spin out of its orbit and come crashing into my house? Thank goodness for my trusty iPad, I made it through the 3 days and lived to tell the tale.

Funny how working 90% of my time on a computer – when faced with no laptop I almost didn’t know what to do with my time. Luckily I had a massive commission of a hundred Beasty Brooches (more about this exciting job to come) which needed finishing off and packaging, so I had no excuse for laziness and sadly could not spend my laptop’s recovery time languishing in the sun, Pinning things (damn it!)

Well, after being re-united with my baby, I quickly got back into my portfolio re-design and I am happy to say that my new “One Page” portfolio went live just last week – check it out.

This means I am officially open and ready for business. If you are looking for a freelance web designer, then I am your gal. Also if you are desperately needing to spruce up your blog, then give me a shout – I would love to hear from you.

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