Double exposure loveliness

Sara Byrne

When I was studying photography at Tech (back in the olden days) we where taught how to do double exposures using film. It was/is a simple technique involving taking two under exposed photos in one frame. Simple but relatively hit and miss – sometimes you got amazing compositions, but most of the time is was rubbish.

Nowadays, achieving the same magical effect would require a fiddly long exposure (which sounds too complicated for me) or possibly merging two photos in Photoshop. However, if you are lucky enough to own a really fancy camera (like the Canon 5D Mark III) then you can do the whole double exposure technique on your camera. Lucky sausages!! Sadly my Canon is not quite that fancy, so any ideas of creating crazy double images will have have to be dependent on my Photoshop skills.

If you are one of those fortunate folk in pocession of a fancy pants camera, then you should watch this tutorial by Sara Byrne. Sara explains how to go about creating gorgeous double exposures much like the ones she did below. Her technique is simple, but the end result is simply breathe taking. You can see more of Sara’s work on her website.

Sara ByrneSara ByrneSara ByrneSara ByrneSara ByrneSara ByrneSara Byrne

All photos are by Sara Byrne, read more about her here

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