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Spring is here

Our “winter” hasn’t been much of a winter. We desperately need rain and things are not as they should be for this time of the year. In fact today the temperature is meant to reach 27C!

Luckily working from home allows me extra hours of sunshine each day. Being inside all day is terribly cruel and with my new vocation I can now sit on our little stoep, for as long as I like, tinkering away on my laptop. In fact my new business partner, Stripey Cat, and I try to spend most of our days out here. The air is calm and fresh with the hint of Jasmine wafting over from the neighbors creeper. With the early arrival of spring, our peach tree is in full bloom and our Bloukappie tree is weighed down with gorgeous purple blooms that the bumble bees love.

Even though I know we are going to suffer with the dams running dry and other such horrors, this weather really does make me smile. What better way to sum up spring and sunshine than with the colour yellow. I have put together a little inspiration board based on the sheer joy and pleasure this unseasonal sunshine gives me.
All these gorgeous photos are taken by various sources, please take a look at my Pinterest board for more yellow loveliness.

wooly beasties

While trying to find some much needed creative inspiration, I stumbled across this adorable yellow giraffe made by Debi van Zyl on her really inspiring site. His crazy red button eyes and skinny legs really have put a smile on my face.

knitted giraffe