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Wise Words

Yikes, it has been far too long since my last Wise Words post! To get us back on track for the Weekly Wise Words here are some very pertinent sentiments to refer to daily.
Created by Bianca Cash

Wise Words

Words to end your week on

Friday is upon us again and a relaxing and much needed weekend lies ahead.
This week I simply couldn’t resist posting a bunch of wise words. If you haven’t visited them already you simply must check out Five Words Tell A Story. I have posted about them before here and here.
If you, like me, often need a typographical pick me up, then Five Words should be your port of call.

Happy weekend everyone.

Words to end your week onWords to end your week onWords to end your week onWords to end your week onWords to end your week on

Lots more inspirational Five Words can be found here

Words To End Your Week On

Simple words to end a busy week on.
This gorgeous example of typography comes from Dan Cassaro and can be purchased here.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Humble Beginings

Words To End Your Week On

As this is a long weekend and because it’s Easter and because last week I didn’t post a “Words To End Your Week On” and because I simply cant resist – here are three things to keep in mind when relaxing over your mini break.

I hope you all have a safe, happy and blessed Easter weekend.

Words to end your week on
Words to end your week on
Words to end your week on

You can purchase this gorgeous prints from Wicked Paper Co here

Words to end your week on

Words to end your week on

In a world full of copy cats, imitators and fraudsters, remember that you are your own unique product. No one can take that from you.

Yet again the genius Five Words have inspired this week’s wise words. Go and check their website out, for loads of daily typographic deliciousness.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Enjoy St Paddy’s day.

Words to end your week on

Take care of this moment.
Enjoy your weekend everyone, and if you are doing the Argus on Sunday – best of luck!

Wise words
Ghandi’s top 10 fundamentals for changing the world was created by Francesca from Idea Obscura and can be downloaded for free from here (Originally spotted on my friend Clement’s Pinterest Pinboard)


Words of wisdom

Keep these words in your heart and you shouldn’t go wrong.

Okay, the doc said “No computers” but I couldn’t resist wishing you all a relaxing weekend.
Have a fabulous break.

(be sure to check out FIve Words for loads more beautiful typography, in just 5 words – genius)

Words to end your week on

Be kind
Very wise and compassionate words to end this busy week on.

On a lighter note: the weekend is here. I hope yours is a relaxing and peaceful one.

(Sadly I dont know where the typography is from. I pinned it so long ago and the link no longer goes to anything.)