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My year of flowers (part 4)

My Year Of Flowers is going along well. I am onto my fourth installment – white lisianthus. Yes, it is my second bunch of these graceful blooms in as many weeks – what can I say, I love them!
Sadly the stunning red gladies Alexis got me wilted very quickly (sob!). I am not sure if it was due to the heat, or if gladiolus just don’t have long vase lives? Anyhow, the lounge is looking really gorgeous again and I am happy.

My year of flowers

Oh Dear!

Please forgive my lack of posts – the past two weeks have been crazy busy with work and life and at the same time I have been madly trying to fit in doing my duty as a Loeries Judge. Well today is D-Day for completing all my judging so hopefully after a good night’s rest, I shall be back to some form of normality.

Here is a quick sparkle of prettiness I spotted this weekend, Its from White Faux Taxidermy and you can purchase it on Etsy. If you go nuts for all things sparkly and bokkie inspired then you are going to love this Etsy shop – check it out.

Anyhow, have a lovely Monday and see you on the flip side!

Oh Dear!

Meet Murphy

Meet Murphy
Meet Murpy

A dear friend of ours is out here from the UK at the moment. He is one of those nutters that has travelled half way across the globe to participate in next Sunday’s Argus Cycle Race. While he has been languishing on our sunny shores his family back home have been madly house training their newest family member – Murphy. Murphy is a white miniature schnauzer and I have it on good authority that she is possibly the cutest puppy in the world. Take a look for your self… isnt she adorable!

Sharing our house with a cat has meant that having a dog is not a possibility (Stripey Cat is NOT a dog friendly cat) But I do dream of going for long walks, hanging out in the park (without looking like a wierdo) and buying loads of awesome doggie accessories.
Make no mistake, I am not one of those “dog in a handbag” types and I certainly don’t approve of dogs wearing outfits but if you have the pooch you may as well make sure it has all the proper goodies that any self respecting dog would need.

I have hand picked some cute things I think would suite Murphy perfectly. Cavanagh family – start saving your pennies!

1. Red Honey Comb Bow Tie from Silly Buddy
2. Dog Toy Tomato from Wags and Wiggles
3. Handmade Felt Tote Bag from Wags and Wiggles
4. pEI Pod for Doggy
5. Dog cushions from Better Homes & Gardens
The photo of Murphy was taken by Jo-Anne Cavanagh.

22 March 2012 Update: Murphy has been featured on Pretty Fluffy as today’s Daily Fluff. Go Murphy!

Christmas Candy Canes

We have just put up our Christmas tree and finally a festive feeling has set in.
Each year I try to do something different with my present wrapping, this year I have settled on plain white paper with pretty red ribbon tied in a bow and finished off with a handmade gift tag and a candy cane.
Looking for references I put this inspiration board together. I love the fresh, almost minty clean colours. Happy wrapping!.

Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration
Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration
Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration
Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration

Picture source (from top down)
Cottons, Alisa Burke via Pinterest
Red Cardinal Bird, Ara 133 Photography via Etsy
Red Glitter Lips, source unknown, via Pinterest
Candy Hair Bows, Cleirigh via Etsy
Red Stripes Ribbon, via Save On Crafts
Candy Cane Martini, via Apartment Therapy
Joules Posh Wellies, via Shoe Day Dreams
Hey Y’all sign, Slippin Southern via Etsy
Red Blooms, Jördis! via Flickr
Candy Cane Heart, Myan Soffia via Etsy
Red Berries, via Mowielicious

Flat white

Do you have days where you see or taste or feel a common colour throughout your day?
Monday has been a white day for me.
You see, today we took the first step in our long planned for home renovation. As a result I was completely house bound, being totally restricted to working from our dining room.

Our little house was filled with contractors who where converting our roof area into storage. They spent the entire day drilling, sawing, hammering and stapeling. All very loudly and all while traipsing dust and wood chips through our home (eek!)
Thankfully its all done now. The chaps cleaned up (sort of) and then showed me how to pull down the fancy ladder, I signed some papers and off they went in their little van.

Job done.

Yippee, we now have a smart new storage space. Ironically its lined with a smart white dust cloth so it looks quite pristine and crisp up there. Negotiating the pull down ladder is a little awkward but I will get the hang of it. I can’t wait to get up there and start sorting and packing away stuff. What a blessing it is to have this white tent in the sky.

So yes, today has been a white Monday. White is such a clean and comforting colour to me. It promises renewal and offers a quiet space for thought. It refreshes and inspires me, I love it.

Having taken the first step in my renovation journey, white best represents my frame of mind at the moment. I feel content and contemplative, but at the same time positive and optimistic about all our future reno’ plans.

white collection

1. Johan Rosenmunthe
2. Unknown (via Pinterest)
3. Unknown (via Pinterest)
4. Visualize
5. Flickr
6. Canelle-Vanille
7. Style Me Pretty