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Shadow Puppets

Silly, I know, but I only know how to make a dog and a bird shadow puppet, so I thought I would investigate how the other members of the animal kingdom are created. Here are my findings (found here).
I have no idea how or when this will come in handy, but at least I will be prepared for hours (okay – minutes) of captivating shadow puppet entertainment.

Shadow Puppets

Brighton Cats

It would seem that LOL cats were probably the brain child of Harry Pointer, a photographer based in Brighton during the 1870s. He lovingly took photos of his pet cats, eventually setting them in silly poses like riding bicycles and balancing on a skateboards. To add to the cheesiness, he added little captions to each shot. Not surprisingly folks flocked to buy these daft photos, eventually Pointer had them made into greeting cards and by 1884 the Brighton Cats collection expanded to include around 200 LOL kitties.

You can read more about Pointer and his Brighton Cats Collection here.

Harry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry Pointer

A quick snap shot

I am currently doing some research for a new jewelry line I am making. Lucky for me I get to trawl through tons of incredible photos of all my favourite old “Big Screen” movie stars (hard work, really!)
Amongst the gems I have collected on my Vintage board on Pinterest I rediscovered this gorgeous photo – I adore Audrey’s effortless elegance, even when touching up her makeup.

Audrey Hepburn

Photo found here

Travel the world

Travel the world

My recent trip to Kalk bay yielded some really gorgeous vintage finds. Amongst them was this cute little vanity case. Perfectly intact with its original travel stickers on it and all. It’s a pretty little gem, with a burgundy vinyl cover and a lovely geometric paper lining. The lid has a gold monogrammed R on it along with another old sticker which would indicate that the owner of the case had stayed at the Wilderness Hotel at some point, many moons ago.

Seems that the sticker on the side of the case was probably pasted on when it sailed onboard the Portuguese cruise ship “Infante Dom Henrique” (part of the Companhia Colonial de Navegacao fleet). The “Infante Dom Henrique” operated between 1961 – 1975 during which time she sailed on services to Portugal’s colonies (Beira in Mozambique). Probably stopping in Cape Town enroute. Sadly there isn’t a date stamp on it, nor a passenger name. None the less I am sure this little burgundy case has seen lots of exciting things in its day. Which brings me to the gorgeous vintage travel posters. I have always had a soft spot for them, and it seem appropriate to post some gorgeous examples now.

Travel the world
Travel the world
Travel the world
Travel the world
Travel the world

All posters are from here

People and their pets

Are two thirds of the photos on your phone of your pet?
My friends run screaming when I want to show them a photo from my phone. They know its going to be at least 20 minutes before they can free themselves from the tractor beam I have locked on them.

I can’t help it, I love my cat and I love taking photos of her, she is after all the cutest cat in the entire universe.

Well at least I am not alone – seems that through the ages people have gone to a lot of trouble to immortalise their beloved pets (even permitting their kids to smoke cigars while doing so…)

All of these photos can be found on my Pinterest board (they come from various sources, some of which are not clear)