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On my Christmas wish list: A pet sheep

Dear Father Christmas, if you can fit him on your sleigh, I would very much like a pet sheep. Much love xxx

When I lived in the Lake District in the UK, the owner of the hotel I worked at also owned a flock of prize winning sheep. Not ever having fancied sheep much (except for their delicious legs) living in the midst of sheep country, I really did get to know these funny creatures a whole lot better.

Contrary to popular belief they are not as stupid as folks think, and within their flock, the Mums all take turns to baby sit the lambs – it’s so sweet seeing five or six little lambs frolicking in the daisies together, with one watchful ewe resting in the shade nearby.
Thankfully I was privileged enough to be around during lambing season and so got to hold an almost brand new baby – her coat was soft but bristly and she smelt SO amazing (as most young due). A truly wonderful experience.

While trawling through vintage photos on Pinterest I found loads of pics of people with what would appear to be pet sheep.
SO… I now want one too! Never mind that our front courtyard is the size of a large postcard – my new fleecy companion and I will make do! I am not sure how Stripes (#bestcat) will take to her new hoofed sibling, but we will try to keep him off the furniture and out of her pellet bowl.

Pet SheepPet SheepPet SheepPet SheepPet Sheep

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Stanley Kubrick’s New York

Stanley KubrickStanley KubrickStanley KubrickStanley KubrickStanley Kubrick

With hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast of the US, my thoughts go out to all those people who have had to abandon their homes and move to safety. I can’t imagine how scary that must be. I think I would grab #bestcat, my camera and laptop first and then if possible a backpack with other essentials.

While listening to CNN and hearing that the New York underground has been flooded in places, I remembered that I had seen these phenomenal photos taken in 1946 by Stanley Kubrick. Apparently Kubrick rode the trains every evening between midnight and six in the morning, for two weeks, trying to capture the real late night mood of this amazing transport system. Fascinating, how times have changed – seems the lack of iPods forced people to chat to one another back then – poor folks! (fascinating how chivalry was not as popular back then either)

Anyhow, sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts to all those along the east coast.