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Google Map Pin Birdhouse

Taiwanese designer Shu-Chun Hsiao’s super slick Google Map Pin Birdhouses are the ultimate dwelling for the well traveled bird – now our feathered friends can make no mistake as to where their final destination is. Adorable!
See more of Shu-Chun Hsiao’s work here

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Christmas Candy Canes

We have just put up our Christmas tree and finally a festive feeling has set in.
Each year I try to do something different with my present wrapping, this year I have settled on plain white paper with pretty red ribbon tied in a bow and finished off with a handmade gift tag and a candy cane.
Looking for references I put this inspiration board together. I love the fresh, almost minty clean colours. Happy wrapping!.

Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration
Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration
Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration
Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration

Picture source (from top down)
Cottons, Alisa Burke via Pinterest
Red Cardinal Bird, Ara 133 Photography via Etsy
Red Glitter Lips, source unknown, via Pinterest
Candy Hair Bows, Cleirigh via Etsy
Red Stripes Ribbon, via Save On Crafts
Candy Cane Martini, via Apartment Therapy
Joules Posh Wellies, via Shoe Day Dreams
Hey Y’all sign, Slippin Southern via Etsy
Red Blooms, Jördis! via Flickr
Candy Cane Heart, Myan Soffia via Etsy
Red Berries, via Mowielicious