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Wise Words To start your week with

WOW – Monday is nearly over. Did you also hit the ground running today? Is your week also filled with all kinds of cool and crazy business?

Here are a few highlights from my week’s to-do list (I am hoping that putting them down in a Blog post will help me to commit to actually doing them all):
1 – Finish off and package my latest order of Wild Beastie Wedding Lapel Pins
2 – Get cracking on an exciting new Blog Makeover client who’s portfolio I am helping to revamp (cant wait to share more about that)
3 – Scout for shops in which I could potentially sell my Kitties in (for some reason I am quite nervous about this one as I am totally self conscious when it comes to selling my crafted goodies… silly I know!)
4 – Attend WordCamp
5 – Attend #CuppaForCANSA High Tea at the Table Bay Hotel – super excited about this one!
6 – Attend this month’s Creative Mornings talk given by Ian Dommisse
7 – Do my tax (EEK!)

So, all in all a jam packed week. Hopefully this gorgeous poster, created for Etshy by Melissa Deckert, will give me (and you) the encouragement needed to see it through and “break new ground”.

Wise Words

Wise Words

See more of Melissa’s work here

Wise words for a Monday

Richard Perez

Wow, the weekend flew past and it’s already nearly the end of October – time is whizzing by!
This week is going to be another busy one, so in the spirit of not wasting any time doing stuff that is not amazing, I thought I would post this cool poster by Richard Perez.
I couldn’t agree more… make some awesomeness this week!

Words to end your week on

Friday is here, and another lazy winter weekend lies ahead. I hope that you have a peaceful one.
Remember that there is beauty is the smallest things.

This weeks wise words are from Jonathan Ogden, you can purchase this poster here and read more about him here

Words to end your week on

Poster Love

I love these clever posters for the “Come with one story; leave with another” campaign for the Colsubsidio Book Exchange. They where created by Columbia advertising agency Lowe/SSP3. The idea behind the Book Exchange is pretty much like a library, once you are done reading one book, you return it and move onto the next one.

Great interpretation of the idea (and super cute too!)

Colsubsidio Book Exchange
Colsubsidio Book Exchange
Colsubsidio Book Exchange

All credits for this work can be found here