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Colour Inspiration – Grey & Pink

The glorious Cape Town sun of yesterday has abandoned us and instead the sky is dull and grey and not very happy looking. In an attempt to brighten up a gloomy day, here is a bit of cosy colour inspiration – Pink and Grey – a soft combination that always work well together.

Included in my inspiration board are some of my current lust decor items – stunning wall decals by the super talented illustrator Fathima Kathrada, a gorgeous Harbour rope lampshade by yarn bomber extraordinaire Isabeau Joubert, delicious ice-cream ceramics by Kate for Josephine Road and a beautiful hand lettered cushion by Alice Edy for Lionheart.

Grey & Pink Colour Inspiration

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Gorgeous Gardening

Golden Garden Hose
Spring is around the corner and I must admit that I have been neglecting our little garden – I spotted this gorgeous gold garden hose and now I am totally inspired to dash out out there and water stuff. Garden Glory make the prettiest hoses (with co-ordinated nozzles) – so elegant!

If gold is a bit too much bling for you, the hoses come in an assortment of gorgeous colour, check them out here

Isn’t it just the most glamorous garden accessory you have ever seen? Of course the antler inspired wall mount is just too cute too – these are going on my Christmas list – Santa, please take note!


My Year Of Flowers (part 6)

Living on the foot of Table Mountain is such a blessing (except for when the South Easter blows through our little house and drives me insane). As you may know, Table Mountain is covered in its own floral kingdom, a unique and very special natural wonder that we are all very proud of. So naturally when the opportunity to bring home a bunch of fynbos came up I couldn’t resist. Of course, I didn’t pick this bunch myself (you can get a whopping fine if you try) but thanks to Woolies we can all have a stunning bunch of our natural heritage at home. Proteas and fynbos make very resiliant cut flowers and last quite a long time.

It wasn’t until I popped the Ollo Clip on my iPhone that I realised just how hairy these stunning plants are. Guess it must be to trap all the moisture they can in the early morning. Isn’t nature so clever?

Well here is the sixth installment in My Year Of Flowers – Cape Fynbos
(All photos taken with my trusty iPhone and Ollo Clip – not bad hey?)

My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6

Colour Inspiration

Mint and Tangerine – the makings of a delicious cocktail? No, instead the beginnings of a new Blog Makeover for a client – exciting stuff indeed.

Mint and tangerine

I have just started working on a very exciting makeover for the loveliest graphic designer (can’t tell you any more than that at this stage). As part of my Blog Makeover process I usually put together a mood board for each full makeover I do.

This is such a fun process, I get to collect photos, illustrations, typography, colours and styles and pop them all together in one big mood board. This step, in my little creative process, is so therapeutic – kind of like design meditation and being the magpie/bowerbird that I am I have no problem getting lost in Pinterest for hours on end.

Well, my client’s new identity and colour palette are so cheerful and inspiring that I couldn’t resist sharing just a tiny portion of the imagery I have collected to put in her new Blog’s mood board. Okay, I haven’t included all the colours in the new palette, I just picked out two of my favorites – a fresh mint and tangerine splash – so gorgeous!
Ironically these are two colours that keep coming up in designs I am asked to work on, not surprising as they are so lovely.

Photo credits:
Church | Rose | Pencils | Frenchie | Chevron Plates

Cupcake Love

I am planning a small product shoot tomorrow afternoon. It’s hopefully the first of many as I document new Pretty Pretty products, so watch this space!
Anyhow, one of the key ingredients of tomorrow’s shoot is cupcakes, yippee! What girl is not tempted by icing and sprinkles? Here is a real stunner to fill the gap till tomorrow (photo from Angela Bax).
For more cupcake inspiration check out my Pinterest cupcake board.