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Brioche Pincushion

Brioche Pincushion

When I moved out of home I inherited my Mother’s lovely old pincushion. It’s a gorgeous vintage cushion made from silk and stuffed with sawdust (like they used to do in the old days). Sadly this much loved sewing box favourite is showing its age. The silk is slowly starting to perish and split and the sawdust is sneakily escaping – time for a new one.

So, on my next visit to the local fabric shop, I sifted through their stash of (not very exciting) pincushions. I wanted one that wasn’t too small and had some weight to it (else it would get would get knocked off tables etc too easily).
To my horror the nicest one they had cost R85. I could not bring myself to spend that kind of money on something that was really quite functional and not that lovely. After all, surely a pincushion is easy enough to make?

Never being one to dismiss a challenge I decided it had to be cheaper, and of course prettier, to make my own pincushion. So I set to work creating my new replacement. I used a brioche tin for the base (mainly to give the cushion a nice weight but also so that the pins wont poke through the bottom) and some quilting cotton for the top. I also covered the tiny button in the cotton and used embroidery thread to make the “segments”. Easy Peasy!
I bought extra moulds to play around with, so I am going to make the ladies in our family all their very own pincushions for Christmas.

Happiness – now my ever growing collection of pins have a very pretty new cushion to call home.