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Flying Houses

Is that a flying house? Yes! Isn’t it fantastic?

French photographer Laurent Chehere has travelled the world putting together his flying houses series. He has taken photos in far away lands including such far flung spots as China, Argentina, Columbia, and Boliva.
You can see more of his work on his website.

Laurent ChehereLaurent ChehereLaurent ChehereLaurent ChehereLaurent ChehereLaurent ChehereLaurent ChehereLaurent ChehereLaurent ChehereLaurent Chehere

All photos by Laurent Chehere

My Year Of Flowers (part 6)

Living on the foot of Table Mountain is such a blessing (except for when the South Easter blows through our little house and drives me insane). As you may know, Table Mountain is covered in its own floral kingdom, a unique and very special natural wonder that we are all very proud of. So naturally when the opportunity to bring home a bunch of fynbos came up I couldn’t resist. Of course, I didn’t pick this bunch myself (you can get a whopping fine if you try) but thanks to Woolies we can all have a stunning bunch of our natural heritage at home. Proteas and fynbos make very resiliant cut flowers and last quite a long time.

It wasn’t until I popped the Ollo Clip on my iPhone that I realised just how hairy these stunning plants are. Guess it must be to trap all the moisture they can in the early morning. Isn’t nature so clever?

Well here is the sixth installment in My Year Of Flowers – Cape Fynbos
(All photos taken with my trusty iPhone and Ollo Clip – not bad hey?)

My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6My Year Of Flowers 6


Kirsty MItchellKirsty MItchellKirsty MItchellKirsty MItchellKirsty MItchellKirsty MItchellKirsty MItchellKirsty MItchellKirsty MItchellKirsty MItchellKirsty MItchell

Maureen Mitchell was an English teacher who’s love for fantasy and wild imaginings inspired many generations of scholars. Sadly, after a long battle with brain cancer, Maureen passed away in 2008. To help cope with her intense and consuming grief, Maureen’s daughter Kirsty Mitchell decided to create Wonderland, an ethereal fantasy world (a fitting tribute to her late mother)

In Kirsty’s words: ‘This escapism grew into the concept of creating an unexplained storybook without words, dedicated to her [my mother], that would echo the fragments of the fairytales she read to me constantly as a child.’

Apparently Kirsty’s magical characters appeared to her in her dreams – “it’s not often you get to stand beside an eight foot princess in the rain, or witness the dawn with a dancing circus girl on stilts!”
Inspired by these dream state apparitions Kirsty painstakingly hand made all the costumes, wigs, props and sets (thanks to her background in fashion and costume design). She also photographed all these whimsical scenes in and around her home in Surrey. No mean feat! So far it’s taken 3 years to accomplish this dream and soon she hopes to publish a book and end with a final exhibition of her work.

Isn’t it amazing what phenomenal things one can accomplish when pushed to the edge. You just need to know how to turn negative energy into something powerful and creative.

Read more about Kirsty’s Wonderland here and visit here site here

Silver linings

Here is a really random spot of loveliness, Berndnaut Smilde’s Nimbus collection.
Dutch artist Smilde creates these indoor meteorological miracles using a smoke machine, moisture and some clever lighting. The cloudy phenomenon only appear for a very short period in which Smilde photographs them. It is these lovely prints that he then exhibits.

Berndnaut Smilde

Berndnaut Smilde

Berndnaut Smilde

Berndnaut Smilde

Berndnaut Smilde

Read more here
Visit Smilde’s website

Garden Fresh

“Garden Fresh series investigates the shifting boundaries between humans and animals in today’s environment and the complex relationship between art and nature”

Agan Harahap’s photos of animals “captured” in supermarkets are amazing and at the same time a little dark and macabre. Agan is a photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia – you can see more of his work on Behance.


All photos from here

Brighton Cats

It would seem that LOL cats were probably the brain child of Harry Pointer, a photographer based in Brighton during the 1870s. He lovingly took photos of his pet cats, eventually setting them in silly poses like riding bicycles and balancing on a skateboards. To add to the cheesiness, he added little captions to each shot. Not surprisingly folks flocked to buy these daft photos, eventually Pointer had them made into greeting cards and by 1884 the Brighton Cats collection expanded to include around 200 LOL kitties.

You can read more about Pointer and his Brighton Cats Collection here.

Harry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry Pointer

Spier Secret Festival

This past weekend Alexis and I where lucky enough to attend the Spier Secret Festival (read more about it here). Naturally I took the opportunity to snap some photos of all the festivities – we listened to fantastic speakers, scoffed delicious food and sipped on chilled wine.
All in all a fantastic day.

Spier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret Festival

Stanley Kubrick’s New York

Stanley KubrickStanley KubrickStanley KubrickStanley KubrickStanley Kubrick

With hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast of the US, my thoughts go out to all those people who have had to abandon their homes and move to safety. I can’t imagine how scary that must be. I think I would grab #bestcat, my camera and laptop first and then if possible a backpack with other essentials.

While listening to CNN and hearing that the New York underground has been flooded in places, I remembered that I had seen these phenomenal photos taken in 1946 by Stanley Kubrick. Apparently Kubrick rode the trains every evening between midnight and six in the morning, for two weeks, trying to capture the real late night mood of this amazing transport system. Fascinating, how times have changed – seems the lack of iPods forced people to chat to one another back then – poor folks! (fascinating how chivalry was not as popular back then either)

Anyhow, sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts to all those along the east coast.

Playing with food

Şakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir Gökçebağ

Tuesday’s always seem to be kinda dull and non-events. But this morning I stumbled across these amazing photos by Turkish born Şakir Gökçebağ.

Şakir takes everyday bits and bobs and makes them into something magical. Most of the pieces above are of fruit and veg, like green beens and slices of watermelon. He also uses crazy pieces like shoes and toilet rolls (yip, bog rolls). Şakir Gökçebağ is pictured above in front of his graceful (but wierd) loo paper piece.

He is a really interesting artist, you should check out more of his photos and exhibition work on his site

Milnerton Market Photographic Finds

On a recent trip to the Milnerton Market, I spotted this amazing stall that was full of vintage cameras and binoculars all beautifully laid out begging to be photographed. As I am still breaking in my new camera I took the opportunity to get some photo exercise. I am pretty happy with them. What do you think?

Milnerton MarketMilnerton MarketMilnerton MarketMilnerton MarketMilnerton MarketMilnerton Market


Belguim photographer Emilie Vercruysse has a brilliant style – her kids photos have a familiar vintage feel, a little reminiscent of the old sewing and knitting pattern books my Mum used to collect. I love the colours and daft use of props.
Check out more of her work here.
Emilie VercruysseEmilie VercruysseEmilie VercruysseEmilie VercruysseEmilie VercruysseEmilie VercruysseEmilie VercruysseEmilie VercruysseEmilie VercruysseEmilie Vercruysse
Visit Emilie Vercruysse’s website.

Kitty Cat Love

Lucky Pet Love
Cat love

I have to admit that at least half the photos on my phone are of Stripes. When you live with the world’s bestest cat it is hard to resist snapping shots of every cute thing she does. Thus far I have resisted the urge to blog about Stripes (although she did sneak into a photo here). If you are like me and snap WAY too many shots of your cat or dog then you might want to check out my Instagram photos (luckily we are not alone in our pet obsession!)

Being the trendy Instagram cat celeb (wanna-be) that Stripes is – she was asked by the folks at Lucky Pet if she would participate in their Lucky Pet Supreme Cat Census . Stripes was also lucky enough to receive a super gift from them – a cardboard box full of kitty toys and treasures. Stripes was in cat heaven!. Honesty, they could have just sent the box and she would have been happy – she loves boxes and can’t resist climbing, sitting on and shredding up any cardboard that comes into our house.

But back to the cat parcel, it was filled with lots of great goodies – everything from a scratching post (essential for any humans with a leather couch) to a really smart folding cat tunnel (essential for any cat wanting to ambush said humans in the dead of the night). Best part of the whole gift was the packet of Kibbles. Being a strictly Hills Science Diet household, Stripes has only ever known the delights of Hills in her bowl. Needless to say the new smells where very overwhelming and before I could get the packet out of the box she had managed to tear a little hole in it and scoff down a few Kibbles.

Much to Stripes’ annoyance the Kibbles are now stashed under lock and key, it seems they proved to be so irresistible that during the night we found the mended (with some sticky-tape) bag and helped our selves again.
Stripes LOVES them – so they are now given out as a small snack and on special occasions (else we will land up with a tubby doorstopper for a housemate!)

Make sure your cat gets counted in the Lucky Pet Supreme Cat Census too.

Thank you Lucky Pet for the great gift, you have made our Stripey Cat very happy!

Cat Love

All photos where taken using my iPhone.