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Early Birds

It’s 7am and the sun isn’t even up yet – winter really is not agreeing with me. Thankfully we leave for Europe on Friday and apparently the sun is up in Berlin at 4:30 in the morning. Hooray!

Do you also need at least two cuppa’s to face the dark and cold world? Then you are going to love this packaging from Douwe Egberts – Simply divine.
(Found via Free Flavour)

Early Bird

Devil’s Peak

Devil's Peak
This week has been a bit of a blur – but in a good kind of way. Lots has gotten ticked off of on my to-do list, I solved a worrying problem I was having in the code on a project I am working on (massive achievement as I am NOT a developer, and I managed to solve it all by my self!) I also baked up a storm, spring cleaned, entertained dinner guests and managed to squeeze in a good chin wag with an old friend.

On Tuesday evening I met up with my dear old work mate, Romy and the two of us headed off to the infamous Maria’s for a proper Greek slap up meal. What a lovely evening – it was wonderful to just breathe out, drink some wine, stuff my face with all number of delicious goodies and have a good old fashioned chat. Thanks Rome’s for making me feel sane again!

Maria’s is a great little restaurant in Dunkley square in Cape Town. They have a small tapas style menu with special dishes everyday. The service was good – the interior was cozy and warm, the wine list was good (only they don’t sell sparkling wine by the glass… sigh!) and the food was scrummy.
When we ordered our drinks the waiter very proudly pointed out their excellent range of local beers. In amongst them was the gorgeous Devil’s Peak Brewing Company’s latest four offerings. I have to admit I hadn’t seem them before, but Romy, being the packaging nut that she is, was quick to point out how stunning each bottle’s labels labeling is. Wouldn’t you agree?

These gems where designed by Jay Badenhorst from Just Design with illustrations done my Studio Muti in Cape Town. Just Design is a Stellenbosch based agency who have quite a repertoire of cool packaging in their portfolio, including some nifty looking Esprit bottles. Do you remember Esprit? I didn’t even know it still existed… it is definitely a lot posher now than in my misspent youth!

Thanks to Romy for finding this link on the legendary Dieline website (Warning: if you are mad about packing – you may get sucked in)

Devil's PeakDevil's PeakDevil's PeakDevil's Peak

Got milk?


Who isn’t a sucker for packaging? I mean, would you not be tempted by this bottle of Cab Sav? Isn’t it gorgeous? Other than the shape of the bottle, there is very little here to indicate that this is even a bottle of wine. I love it!

This smart packaging was created by Emily Hale a student at Pratt Institute. It pays tribute to the memory of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. But why a bottle of wine? Well to quote Emily Hale: “It is a little known fact that San Fransisco boasts some of California’s best wines, much like many do not know that San Fransisco was also home to one of the first openly gay politicians in the United States, Harvey Milk. And thus, I created a wine which pays tribute to the memory of Harvey Milk”.

Apparently the half full bottle of milk depicted in the packaging is a nod to Milk’s ever positive attitude and vision for the future. As Harvey Milk once said, “I have tasted freedom. I will not give up that which I have tasted. I have a lot more to drink.”

Emily’s work was spotted on the every inspirational The Die Line.
Font nerd alert, the font used in the logo is called Radio. Find out about it here.