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Wise Words to start your week with

Can you believe it, the first week of December is here? If you are also feeling overwhelmed with life in general, then this gorgeous wise words typographic reminder, from Colette Creative, will ring true for you.

Remember to stop and take a deep breath – this too shall pass.

Wise Words from Colette Creative

Wise words for a Monday

Richard Perez

Wow, the weekend flew past and it’s already nearly the end of October – time is whizzing by!
This week is going to be another busy one, so in the spirit of not wasting any time doing stuff that is not amazing, I thought I would post this cool poster by Richard Perez.
I couldn’t agree more… make some awesomeness this week!

Type Sandwiches

Beautifully neat typography combined with delicious lunchtime faire – what more could a designer want?
Check out David Schwen’s nifty Type Sandwiches… anyone in the mood for a PB&J?

Schwen1 PB&J


Schwen3Chicago Dog


Schwen5Grilled Cheese




Schwen10Double Stuff




See more of David Schwen’s work here

Adventure starts here

It’s a fresh (and freezing) Monday morning here in Cape Town – the beginning of another exciting week. I hope you have a good one – make to the most of it.

Marta Harding - wise words

Created by Marta Harding

You make me happy

Just stumbled across this awesome poster on Friends of Type and thought I would share it with you. “Don’t Worry Baby” was created by Erik Marinovich who it a typographer with some serious skills – do your self a favor and check out his portfolio of insanely awesome work.
Happy Thursday everyone (only one more sleep till the weekend).

Erik Marinovich

Design Indaba 2013

It’s Design Indaba time of the year again. Sadly this has come to mean (since becoming a freelance designer) that I now resent the lucky folk who’s agencies readily hand out the enormous sum it costs to attend the three day conference.
However, this year I managed to secure a ticket to the Young Designers Simulcast (yeeees, I am no longer officialy a “young” designer, but they do also sell the tickets to older folks).

So next week I am off to the great halls of the CTICC to be inspired by some incredible minds. Okay, so I wont be hanging with all the “uber cool” design folks in the main auditorium (please note extreme hint of sarcasm there), yes possibly I may have to bring my own little packed lunch – but who cares? It’s going to be amazing!

There are so many incredible people talking this year that I am sure to be wondering around with a crazed person’s grin for most of next week. If I have to pick my two favourite speaker though, I would have to chose Marian Bantjes and Jessica Hische.
I have seen Marian speak before at the Indaba and cannot wait to see her again. Both her and Jessica are super impressive typographers (okay, I have a soft spot for typo peeps), flipping talented designers and amazing thinkers – what more could a gal want?

Marian has a very sweet tradition of sending amazing Valentine’s Day cards. Because she travels a lot, last year she decided to repurpose old postcards from all over the world as her Valentine’s tribute. She collected and sent out 480 cards dating back as far as 1901. They where all overprinted in silver with her unique design, which said “From me wherever I am / To you wherever you are.” So fantastic!

Marian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian Bantjes
See more of Marian’s work here

Jessica Hische’s work is simply divine. She has had the opportunity to work on so many amazing projects including a poster for Florence and The Machine, the title sequence to Moonrise Kingdom (imagine how cool that must have been), she was even asked to work on the cover for Beck’s new album Song Reader. This stunning cover was then made into an amazing cut paper piece by an artist called Ham. Please take some time to watch the amazing making of this paper cut (video at end of post) (again more amazingness).

Jessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica Hische

Paper Cut art created by Hambeck.
See more of Jessica’s work here



Barbershop Paris

It is no secret that I have a small problem when it comes to all things typographic. I can’t abide badly set type and I applaud the beauty of hand lettering. I recently fell in love with the work of Alexis Taïeb. He created this phenominal piece for the Parisian restaurant Barbershop. It highlights 35 dishes and drinks from their menu – simply gorgeous.

Barbershop Paris

Barbershop Paris

Barbershop Paris

Barbershop Paris

Barbershop Paris

Barbershop Paris

Barbershop Paris

Barbershop Paris

Barbershop Paris

Barbershop Paris

See more of Alexis Taïeb’s work here

Wise Words to start the week with


Monday has come around again and this week is going to be a great one. So far my week is pretty jam packed with exciting adventures, how is yours looking?
The fun starts tomorrow with the Chili Peppers concert and ends in Betty’s Bay for a weekend away.
Hope yours is fab too!

The source for this week’s wise words is 48 Savvy Sailors

Hell Yeah!

2013 is going to be a year of new, exciting and challenging adventures – bring it on!

(Regular blog posts to resume early next week, I will be out of action for the better half of this week as I am having round 3 of Lasik surgery)

Hell Yeah!
(found here)

Words to end your week on

Linsday lettersAnother week has rushed past and a lovely weekend lies ahead. How has your week been? Busy? Rushed? All over the shop? With a spot of luck, my next week will be a little more predictable and well behaved. Although I have been busy, I really don’t feel I have a lot to show for it.

As it is that time of the week, here are this week’s wise words. They are beautifully penned by Lindsay from Lindsay letters and I spotted them on the ever inspirational Promise Tangeman blog.

Have a fantastic weekend folks!

Words to end your week on

Finally Friday is here and a busy but fabulous weekend lies ahead.
In our busy lives sometimes it’s wise to remember to take the slow route.

Matt Hunsberger

This week’s words to end you week on are created by Matt Hunsberger.
Have a smashing weekend everyone.