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We recently finished a very long and painful renovation of our little kitchen – we have a new roof, beautiful new sliding doors, a new floor and not much else. Now the fun bit starts, we are going to deck the new part of the kitchen out ourselves to the exact specifications we want. Its going to be a slow process, but at least it will be done perfectly and exactly how we want it.

I am afraid that having our house over run with builders and contractors has left me very jaded. Our build went from being a 4 – 5 week project to a 13 week nightmare – full of drama and frustration (and a fair share of dust and dirt too). This was not a pleasant experience and hopefully wont be repeated again in a hurry.

Anyhow, enough moaning Jo – onto the fun bit, we are now planning all new goodies and gadgets for this new part of our kitchen. While looking for ideas I stumbled upon Homemade Modern, a website filled with fabulous ideas that look relatively easy to make and are all quite affordable. Here are just a few of my favorite’s:


All photos & projects from Homemade Modern

Kitchen Renovations

Our kitchen has been a construction site for four weeks now. Four weeks is a VERY long time, especially when you are forced to wash dishes in the bath. The house is covered in fine white dust and everything is dirty, very dirty.

I am not a happy camper at the moment. I don’t like being cold and I can’t abide a filthy home but for the past month I have had to tolerate both. This does not make for a healthy creative environment to live (and work) in, hence my blog posts have been sparse and my tweets equally as few.

Luckily I am working on two really great Blog Makeover clients at the moment, so I can loose myself in the digital world for the better part of each day while our crew of builders get down to business.

Yowzers, going renovations and working from home may sound like the perfect way to do things, but believe me it isn’t so smart. I am constantly interrupted with requests to lock and unlock the gate, come and look at this, is this what you wanted, sorry about the huge hole we accidentally knocked in the side of your house etc etc.

My “wish I had thought of that” words of wisdom to anyone thinking about doing kitchen renovations is to move out while it happens. If you have a kind friend or relative who will have you over, take them up on the offer. Having to endure a dusty dirty house in the freezing cold when you have no where to cook or clean really does get tiresome. Don’t be brave, move out!

Anyhow, as we are still very much in the thick of things I thought I would show you an Instagram snap shot of the last four weeks. Yesterday the new floor was “thrown” (thrown… apparently this is the correct term in the building industry??) and to spite my best attempts to keep Stripes out of this area, this morning I woke to find her presence immortalised. Oh well, this is probably the best bit of the whole process thus far – a very precious reality check.

Kitchen renovationsKitchen renovationsKitchen renovationsKitchen renovations