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Cat Marshmallows

Okay – I hate to admit it, but winter is around the corner and thoughts will soon be turning to delicious mugs of piping hot chocolate… and to take this comforting drink to the next level this girl is going to have to get her hands on some of these cute critters – Cat Marshmallows. Aren’t they just so adorable (almost too cute to eat!)?

Perhaps its a good thing that Japanese marshmallow company Nagano don’t deliver internationally – those skinny jeans would fast become a thing of the past.

cat marshmallow

cat marshmallow

cat marshmallow

Found via My Modern Met

Pretty Girls


This week has been so busy, I can hardly believe it’s already Thursday. Our house is full of painters and plasterers, dehumidifiers and ladders – all very boring and annoying. With a spot of luck this may be the last week of construction and things will hopefully go back to some normality soon.

This whole kitchen reno has been one of the the most trying and unpleasant experiences I have had in this house. I hope to blog about it all one day, but for now I am so disillusioned with the episode that I can’t go there.

So instead I will post pic’s of pretty things! Aren’t these gorgeous gals just so lovely? I adore their almost cake like outfits, with strawberry hats and icing coats – so sweet.
I am not quite sure where I first saw them, but I have had the page open for so long on my iPad, that I simple had to share. The artist is Tamayo Konishi a, now former, student at the Tokyo University of Arts. I dont know much more than that – you can see the original article I bookmarked here.

Hope you have an inspirational Thursday.

All photos by Tokyo Bling

Shroom Lights

Only the Japanese could come up with something so delicate and lovely. Yukio Takano of The Great Mushrooming has hand crafted these super cool lamps. They are made from little LED’s that are embeded in intricatly crafted synthetic mushrooms “growing” out of natural wood.

I want one!

You can see more of his mushroom lights here (found via)

Yukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio TakanoYukio Takano