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Friday inspiration

20130125-105310.jpgFriday is finally here and a very busy week is ticked off my list. I start on a new job today, it’s an old client who has more additions to his exciting project. I get to be creative and I get to play a little too. Lots of fun!
I normally start a new job by looking for inspiration. Although I am constantly on the look out for fresh ideas and design, I find setting aside the time to creatively recharge is vital. It forces me to stop and take a look around… but I have to be strict with my self, else I will spend all this “official” time caught up in Pinterest. Which brings me to the following amazing illustration. Yip, it has nothing to do with my new job, but I could’nt resist. Isn’t it amazing?
It’s called The Curiosity (by Terry Fan) and I want one. Terry Fan is an crazy talented illustrator – you simply have to check out more of his work Terry Fan.

Have a great weekend everyone, hope you find inspiration for what you need to do too!

Flat white

Do you have days where you see or taste or feel a common colour throughout your day?
Monday has been a white day for me.
You see, today we took the first step in our long planned for home renovation. As a result I was completely house bound, being totally restricted to working from our dining room.

Our little house was filled with contractors who where converting our roof area into storage. They spent the entire day drilling, sawing, hammering and stapeling. All very loudly and all while traipsing dust and wood chips through our home (eek!)
Thankfully its all done now. The chaps cleaned up (sort of) and then showed me how to pull down the fancy ladder, I signed some papers and off they went in their little van.

Job done.

Yippee, we now have a smart new storage space. Ironically its lined with a smart white dust cloth so it looks quite pristine and crisp up there. Negotiating the pull down ladder is a little awkward but I will get the hang of it. I can’t wait to get up there and start sorting and packing away stuff. What a blessing it is to have this white tent in the sky.

So yes, today has been a white Monday. White is such a clean and comforting colour to me. It promises renewal and offers a quiet space for thought. It refreshes and inspires me, I love it.

Having taken the first step in my renovation journey, white best represents my frame of mind at the moment. I feel content and contemplative, but at the same time positive and optimistic about all our future reno’ plans.

white collection

1. Johan Rosenmunthe
2. Unknown (via Pinterest)
3. Unknown (via Pinterest)
4. Visualize
5. Flickr
6. Canelle-Vanille
7. Style Me Pretty

Spring is here

Our “winter” hasn’t been much of a winter. We desperately need rain and things are not as they should be for this time of the year. In fact today the temperature is meant to reach 27C!

Luckily working from home allows me extra hours of sunshine each day. Being inside all day is terribly cruel and with my new vocation I can now sit on our little stoep, for as long as I like, tinkering away on my laptop. In fact my new business partner, Stripey Cat, and I try to spend most of our days out here. The air is calm and fresh with the hint of Jasmine wafting over from the neighbors creeper. With the early arrival of spring, our peach tree is in full bloom and our Bloukappie tree is weighed down with gorgeous purple blooms that the bumble bees love.

Even though I know we are going to suffer with the dams running dry and other such horrors, this weather really does make me smile. What better way to sum up spring and sunshine than with the colour yellow. I have put together a little inspiration board based on the sheer joy and pleasure this unseasonal sunshine gives me.
All these gorgeous photos are taken by various sources, please take a look at my Pinterest board for more yellow loveliness.


Thanks to my daily dose of Oh Joy! I found this fabulous “exhibition space” Papernstitch. It showcases artists and designers selling hand made goodies, there is some really amazing talent, well worth a visit. I find “dipping” into websites like this so inspiring. Now, if only I didn’t have to work today, I would love to potter about and attempt to make something pretty.

This gorgeous faun is from Sanfran67 one of the exhibitors on Papernstitch.

Sanfran67 also has some very pretty paper art on Etsy and well as on her website