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Colour Inspiration

Do you ever have days where the same colour keeps popping out at you everywhere? This happens to me often, once I have noticed said colour, I will keep seeing it everywhere – and I mean everywhere: TV ads, magazines, shop windows, business cards etc etc.

This week it has been the turn of an old favourite – purple. A dark and moody colour, full of mystery and intrigue. A colour you can almost touch and smell with your eyes.

As a tribute to the lingering heavy scent of purple, I have put together a mini collection of some of my favourite purple pics of the week.

Colour inspiration: Purple

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Bardot Ice Cream


At first glance, you may be forgiven for thinking that Bardot is a naughty underwear store – the shop front with its frosted windows and suggestive signage doesn’t scream traditional ice cream parlor, instead it hints at a much more saucy experience. (Shop designed by award-winner architect Ana Henton)

“At Bardot, we don’t sell ice cream bars. We sell Love. On a stick.”

The luscious red lips and retro inspired graphic patterns set this store apart. Bardot has turned the humble ice cream bar into a sensual fashion experience.

Bardot’s clever branding is thanks to Landor Associates (a design agency in San Francisco). Landor have managed to turn a once obscure manufacturer, formally known as “Advanced Ice Cream Technologies”, into one of the sexiest ice ream vendors in the USA – Bardot.

With flavors including “Honey I’m Home”, “French Kiss”, “Acapulco Love” and “The Forbidden Fruit” one can easily see why these gorgeous ice cream bars are such a hit – what’s even better is the packaging is specially made to keep the bars chilled for up to eight hours – just enough time to set the mood?

The branding for Bardot has gone on to win Landor Associates numerous design awards including a Silver Clio and bronze Lion at Cannes.

Find out about Bardot.
Read more about Landor Associates here.
Originally spotted on The Die line.


Find out about Bardot.
Read more about Landor Associates here.
Originally spotted on The Die line.