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Drinks anyone?

Humming Bird Glass Tag

Dinner parties are fabulous! Lots of delicious food, excellent company and with a spot of luck really good wine. But, mark my words, put your glass of vino down for 2 minutes to visit the lav’ and you are bound to come back to find it mysteriously gone. Do you spend the rest of the evening sizing up everyone who may have nicked your tipple or do you do what someone else probably did and claim the next unattended glass of wine you find? Hopefully not…
Lots of my friends have resorted to buying those silly little charms you can get at most home stores, you know, the kind you twist onto the stem of the glass. These little “tags” promise to differentiate everyones drinks, but sadly after a couple of glasses no one remembers (nor seems to care) what colour their little tag was.
I bet if you presented them with a glass of Chardonnay taged with one of these beautiful hummingbirds there would be a lot less confusion – they are simply to striking to forget.
(Now if only they sold them here in Cape Town… sigh)