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Spring has sprung

Today is the beginning of a new season and a new start for all. Here is hoping your spring is filled with the warmth of the rediscovered sunshine, the freshness of distant breezes, the indulgence of intoxicating flowers and the dreams of long forgotten afternoon naps.

Pictured here is a Hummingbird moth, Macroglossum stellatarum, enjoying a snack on a sprig of lavender.

Circus Orchids

Orchids really are like the old world circus acts of the floral kingdom. Their theatrical blooms never fail to impress and their abundance and stamina are worthy of grand applause.

These intriguing jewels come in all shapes and sizes and to spite their delicate appearance are relatively easy to keep happy. They need to be loved and occasionally watered and of course constantly admired. Our dining room is the perfect spot to showcase these cheery plants . It’s a light and airy room directly off our kitchen, so anyone who is pottering about will definitely not miss them.

Much to my delight, this year all of them have decided to bloom at the same time, so our dining room looks like the Big Topper with all its new colours and stripes and dots and spots.


Picture credits:
First row left: Unknown (original pin is no longer available, found on Pinterest), right: Pretty Pretty
Second row left: Pretty Pretty, right: idsgn.org
Third row left: elgarbort, right: Pretty Pretty

Spring is here

Our “winter” hasn’t been much of a winter. We desperately need rain and things are not as they should be for this time of the year. In fact today the temperature is meant to reach 27C!

Luckily working from home allows me extra hours of sunshine each day. Being inside all day is terribly cruel and with my new vocation I can now sit on our little stoep, for as long as I like, tinkering away on my laptop. In fact my new business partner, Stripey Cat, and I try to spend most of our days out here. The air is calm and fresh with the hint of Jasmine wafting over from the neighbors creeper. With the early arrival of spring, our peach tree is in full bloom and our Bloukappie tree is weighed down with gorgeous purple blooms that the bumble bees love.

Even though I know we are going to suffer with the dams running dry and other such horrors, this weather really does make me smile. What better way to sum up spring and sunshine than with the colour yellow. I have put together a little inspiration board based on the sheer joy and pleasure this unseasonal sunshine gives me.
All these gorgeous photos are taken by various sources, please take a look at my Pinterest board for more yellow loveliness.

Happy Spring Day

Red Flower

The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Saturday saw Cape Town experience one of the worst storms in a long while and on Sunday it hailed! You would never guess that a couple of weeks ago the sun baked down on our little garden making flowers bloom and buds turn green.
Since getting my new camera I cant resist photographing everything that happens in the garden – in the nick of time Alexis grabbed a fist full of the hail before it melted.