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Felted Cat Caves

Stripes (#bestcat) is a cat who loves to cuddle and in winter if there is a blanket to burrow underneath she is there. Most of the time this is terribly sweet and yes, I am so blessed to have such a loving companion to keep me going while I work, but occasionally when I am trying to work on something very complicated her persistence is not so welcome.

You see, somehow Stripes knows when a deadline is eminent, that’s when she insists on pushing all the pens and pencils off my desk, she then tries to curl up on my mouse hand and if that doesn’t work (which it normally doesn’t) she then tries to squeeze herself onto me lap (under my desk) and then as a final distraction she always insists on using my keyboard as a thoroughfare – without fail managing to activate all sorts of weird Photoshop setting that I simply cannot turn off… yikes!

So in an attempt to maintain peace in our house I have been shopping about for cute cat hideaways. I found a few really gorgeous felted examples and may well have to place an order soon.

Cat Caves

Cat Cave

Cat Cave

Cat Cave

You can find the first 5 cat caves here.
The last three cat caves can be found here.

Insect Life

I just love these entomological studies by UK textile artist Claire Moynihan. Claire’s attention to detail is amazing and each tiny creature is lovingly hand embroidered and attached to a felted ball. Once a collection is complete, she assembles the specimens in gorgeous glass display cases, each worthy of exhibition in any natural history collection.

Garden Snail- Claire MoynihanHornet - Claire MoynihanLadybird - Claire MoynihanLousy Watchman - Claire MoynihanSouthern Hawker - Claire MoynihanWasp - Claire MoynihanBumblebee Claire MoynihanFramed bugs - Claire Moynihan
See more of Claire’s work here
Found via Colossal