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Living by the sea means that the air is often moist and there isn’t really a need for a humidifier, which is a real shame because I would dearly love one of these Alianoid creatures in my home. The humidifier (designed by Minwoo Lee) acts by puffing jets of moisture our of two holes on its “head”, kind of like two steamy horns. The little dial in the front indicates the amount of water left in the container and also adjusts the volume of the moisture “puffs”.
Simply adorable!

Minwoo Lee Design
Minwoo Lee DesignMinwoo Lee Design
Minwoo Lee Design

All photos found on Minwoo Lee‘s website.

Broken Things

I must apologize for my lack of blogging and tweeting – I am feeling a little broken. Looking for a poignant representation of my current visual impairment I stumbled across Anne ten Donkelaar. She creates the most exquisite reconstructed broken butterflies. They are so minutely detailed and delicate, each one a little gem. Anne is super talented and has loads of pretty things on her website, including gorgeous paper floral dioramas, the detailing of which are truly breathtaking, devine embroidered cushions and beaded insect necklaces.

Anne Ten Donkelaar' Broken Butterfly
Anne Ten Donkelaar' Broken Butterfly
Anne Ten Donkelaar' Broken Butterfly

Anne Ten Donkelaar' Broken Butterfly
Anne Ten Donkelaar' Broken Butterfly
Anne Ten Donkelaar' Broken Butterfly

Wow, two weeks have past since my first surgery and although my world is mostly a blur I am so, so happy. Last Monday I became an Aunt. My little sister gave birth to the cutest little twins, Annabelle and Dominic.
I havent actually met them yet as they are still too tiny to come home, but each day they get a little stronger and healthier and soon we will be able to cuddle them and show them off. I cannot wait!

In the interim I am muddling my way through a very blurry world. My Lasik surgery recovery has been a lot slower than anticipated and I am probably going to have to have the procedure again. So at the moment my world is very blurry, up close and far away.

Not being able to see properly has been a huge test of my patience. The new year started with lots of exciting prospects and with the eminent arrival of my new niece and nephew I felt a real excitement and energy to get stuck into work and general creativity. Instead all my plans have had to be paused as I simply cannot see properly. Anyhow, I have managed to make my daily few minutes of laptop reading time bearable by setting the resolution so high that any normal vision person could probably read whats on the screen from across the room (large print style).

Again, apologies for not posting more regularly. With a spot of luck things should return to full steam within the next two weeks.

Anne Ten Donkelaar Flower constructions
Anne Ten Donkelaar Flower constructions
Anne Ten Donkelaar Flower constructions

All photos from Anne ten Donkelaar’s website.

Thief of Hearts

On my wish list for Christmas this year is an original Trish Grantham piece, “Thief of Hearts” (hint hint Santa!)
Trish is such a talented illustrator, I have spend hours drooling over her lovely artworks. She has also done some really impressive looking gallery installations as well as murals in hotels and in stores.
Please do check out her website as well as her Etsy Store. You too will fall in love.

Trish Grantham
Trish Grantham
Trish Grantham
Trish Grantham
Trish Grantham
Trish Grantham
Trish Grantham
Trish Grantham
Trish Grantham

Free Bird

As many of you may know, I recently left the security of a full time job as Creative Director of a Cape Town based digital agency called Clickthinking. As a farewell gift to me, my team of designers had a illustration commissioned especially for me by the fabulous One Horse Town.

I was lucky enough to work on a project with the One Horse Town team while still at Clickthinking, having picked them for their amazing style, super enthusiasm and great energy.
You really should go and look at their portfolio, they are talented guys.

So, after finally deciding where I want to hang my art piece, I dashed to the tool box only to discover that my super efficient husband has packed our beloved Hilty Tool away in our new attic… damn! Never mind, as soon as I can I will bash a Hilty nail in the wall and hang my gorgeous illustration (photos to follow)

For now, here is a glimpse of the final illustration, isnt it amazing? Each little component of the drawing has such significance to me. It brings a bitter sweet tear to my eye. My design team really did understand who I was/am and the guys from One Horse Town captured it so well.

One Horse Town illustration

Japanese earthquake sculpture

Creating something breathtaking out of something as tragic as an earthquake is truely a gift. Luke Jerram has managed to capture the fragility of seismic activity through his contemplative piece of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Luke’s tragic sculpture is aproximately 30cm wide and documents nine minutes of the horrific quake that killed thousands of people.

The sculpture was created using a seismogram of the earthquake. The data was then rotated with computer graphics and printed using rapid prototyping technology.

This delicate and intriguing piece is a beautiful tribute to a tragic event. It’s paper thin fins are befittingly fragile and at the same time sharp and aggressive. A poignant reminder of the powerful aggression of our beautiful planet.

Luke Jerram
Luke Jerram
Luke Jerram
Luke Jerram
Photos from Luke Jerram

Black Cats Sneak Peek

Yippee, I am nearly ready to reveal my little treasures to the world!
The last few weeks have been a mad cycle of photographing and editing and re-photographing and re-editing but finally I see light at the end of this crazy tunnel.

For someone who’s design career thus far has been entirely online, I feel surprisingly nervous putting my product up for everyone to gawk at. I am sure lots of crafters have had similar experiences?
I suppose its because what I do, as a craft, is so much more intimate than my digital design work. Not that I don’t get really passionate about my digital work, but with that work there is always a client and a brief and a (normally mad) deadline to keep in mind, so lots of external factors influence each digital design.
However, with my crafting, each piece is made with no one other than me in mind. If I think something is going to be pretty, or cute, or to die for, then that’s what I make. Simple!

As I am so excited to finally see all my little babies coming to life, I thought I would post a quick sneak peek of one of the ranges of my brooches. This little collection is called “Black Cats” and is inspired by this wonderful series of photos (by Ralph Crane) from 1961. It is thought that these audition photos could have been for Roger Corman’s “Tales of Terror” (1962), which is a film adaptation of a trio of Edgar Allen Poe stories including “The Black Cat”.
Read more here and see all the pics here.

I just love how the all the cat owners where so beautifully dressed and how pampered those black kitties looked. I simply had to immortalise these hollywood starlets in a brooch.

(photos from: LIFE, click here for more)

Flat white

Do you have days where you see or taste or feel a common colour throughout your day?
Monday has been a white day for me.
You see, today we took the first step in our long planned for home renovation. As a result I was completely house bound, being totally restricted to working from our dining room.

Our little house was filled with contractors who where converting our roof area into storage. They spent the entire day drilling, sawing, hammering and stapeling. All very loudly and all while traipsing dust and wood chips through our home (eek!)
Thankfully its all done now. The chaps cleaned up (sort of) and then showed me how to pull down the fancy ladder, I signed some papers and off they went in their little van.

Job done.

Yippee, we now have a smart new storage space. Ironically its lined with a smart white dust cloth so it looks quite pristine and crisp up there. Negotiating the pull down ladder is a little awkward but I will get the hang of it. I can’t wait to get up there and start sorting and packing away stuff. What a blessing it is to have this white tent in the sky.

So yes, today has been a white Monday. White is such a clean and comforting colour to me. It promises renewal and offers a quiet space for thought. It refreshes and inspires me, I love it.

Having taken the first step in my renovation journey, white best represents my frame of mind at the moment. I feel content and contemplative, but at the same time positive and optimistic about all our future reno’ plans.

white collection

1. Johan Rosenmunthe
2. Unknown (via Pinterest)
3. Unknown (via Pinterest)
4. Visualize
5. Flickr
6. Canelle-Vanille
7. Style Me Pretty


Thanks to Irene at Bloesem for the sweet little link to my blog.
It is very flattering as I must admit to visiting Bloesem on a regular basis for a design fix.


dutch design

Ferry Staverman has created this exquisite tree sculptures using Bee Board (a form of layered cardboard using laminate and recycled cardboard). Apparently the pieces vary in height from 2-3,5 meters tall.