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Recent Work – KIN Culture website

KIN Culture

I recently had the pleasure of working on the design for the online presence for KIN Culture, a faith based organisation where orphans and vulnerable children are given a home and a bright future.

The job, was from beginning to end, such fun. The team from Kin Culture are really amazing and we gelled really well right from the start. The brief was simple – keep it clean and totally different to other charity websites – ie not a site filled with sad photos of poor starving orphans who desperately need your help.

In fact, the client’s feelings where so strong on this, that they decided to do a photo shoot, ensuring the perfect shots that would best suite the website style and the business’s tone and approach. Luckily all the right people where available to help out and after much planning and and organising we where set.

One afternoon of fun and laughter washed with a ton of green powder paint – and voila – the most amazing photos (& video) ever.

Thanks to Kikitography for their crazy photographic skills and to Shoot and Create for their ultra cool “Behind the Scenes” videography.

Going forward I will be working with the team from KIN Culture to take their website to the next level. They are about to start serious work on the actual development of their village and with this the website is expected to help generate necessary publicity and involvement needed in such a mammoth task.

Be sure to check out the KIN Culture website here. Also check out their Facebook page – to see what they are currently up to. This is such an exciting project, perhaps you too can get involved.

Best of luck team!


Are you keen on doing some similarly exciting work online? Then why not check out my portfolio. I am available for all forms of digital design and would love to chat about your project.

Also don’t forget about my Blog MakeOvers – I am always keen to get stuck into a fellow blogger’s redesign and would love to hear from you.


KIN Cluture

Design Indaba Expo 2014

After yet another super busy week, it was so lovely to peacefully meander around this year’s Design Indaba Expo and soak in all the great talent on show. Each year that goes by I am always impressed with the volume of fabulous goodies on display and the amazing talent that is out there.

Naturally I was tempted to spend all the money I had burning a hole in my wallet, but I showed restraint and only landed up bagging two gifts for two fortunate mates (and nothing for me!)
If you get a chance, get down to the CTICC and see what’s out there – but be warned, it gets pretty busy, so try to get there early. (Oh and you have to try the Bubble Tea – I had my fist one yesterday and it was weirdly very, very refreshing!)

Here are a few highlights from the Expo.

Design Indaba ExpoDesign Indaba ExpoDesign Indaba ExpoDesign IndabaDesign Indaba ExpoDesign Indaba Expo

1- Diana Ferreira Ceramics | 2 – Liesel Trautman Ceramics | 3 – Africa Is Now Exhibition |
4 & 5 – Artymiss | 6 – Calvera | 7 & 8 – Run Rabbit Run | 8 – Skermunkil

Blog Makeovers and Website Design

Are you wanting to start 2014 on a fresh, clean note? Is your blog or website looking a little tired and in need of some love? Why not give me a shout, a Blog Makeover could be just what is needed.

Blog Makovers - Pretty Pretty

Yes, I know – you have every intention of attending to this daunting task, but you are super busy – and somehow your portfolio/website/blog design always gets reprioritized, eventually falling off the list entirely.
Well don’t waste anymore time putting off this simple and fun task – give me a shout now? I could help out!

Along with doing all sorts of digital design, I also love helping out fellow bloggers with livening up their much loved blogs.

Hey, giving your website/blog/portfolio a refresh should not be a painful experience – in fact it should give you the boost you need to make 2014 the best year yet, so give me a shout – I would love to help you get back in the swing of things.

Why not check out my portfolio to see some of the recent work I have done.

I look forward to a year of lots of fabulous makeovers – book yours now!

Love hurts

I spotted this fabulous “first aid kit” on Fubiz the other day and I simply had to post about it. Love Hurts is the work of New York based designer Melanie Chernock, her assignment was to create a simple activity book – but being the adventurous graphic designer that she is, she opted to rather create a fully immersive activity kit. This smart little survival pack promises to assist you get through even the toughest break up. It’s loaded with vital heartbreak medication like chocolate, sweeties, tissues, music, a candle, bubble bath and most importantly – vodka. Everything you will need to remedy this horrid ailment.

Love HurtsLove HurtsLove HurtsLove HurtsLove HurtsLove HurtsLove HurtsLove Hurts

Read more about Melanie here (Photos by Luke Nilsson)

Comic book life

Have you ever wished you lived the life of a comic book character, well this is how you do it. Draw and then build your own interiors.

This project is part of a project done by Swoon, a flipping awesome Belgium Design agency. You simply have to check out their portfolio, these folks do some amazing work, the kind of stuff that we all wish we could make money doing – hands on and very creative (super dream job!)

Soon - Comic Life
Soon - Comic life
Soon - Comic life

Do NOT forget to check out more of Soon’s phenomenal work here

Design Indaba 2013

It’s Design Indaba time of the year again. Sadly this has come to mean (since becoming a freelance designer) that I now resent the lucky folk who’s agencies readily hand out the enormous sum it costs to attend the three day conference.
However, this year I managed to secure a ticket to the Young Designers Simulcast (yeeees, I am no longer officialy a “young” designer, but they do also sell the tickets to older folks).

So next week I am off to the great halls of the CTICC to be inspired by some incredible minds. Okay, so I wont be hanging with all the “uber cool” design folks in the main auditorium (please note extreme hint of sarcasm there), yes possibly I may have to bring my own little packed lunch – but who cares? It’s going to be amazing!

There are so many incredible people talking this year that I am sure to be wondering around with a crazed person’s grin for most of next week. If I have to pick my two favourite speaker though, I would have to chose Marian Bantjes and Jessica Hische.
I have seen Marian speak before at the Indaba and cannot wait to see her again. Both her and Jessica are super impressive typographers (okay, I have a soft spot for typo peeps), flipping talented designers and amazing thinkers – what more could a gal want?

Marian has a very sweet tradition of sending amazing Valentine’s Day cards. Because she travels a lot, last year she decided to repurpose old postcards from all over the world as her Valentine’s tribute. She collected and sent out 480 cards dating back as far as 1901. They where all overprinted in silver with her unique design, which said “From me wherever I am / To you wherever you are.” So fantastic!

Marian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian BantjesMarian Bantjes
See more of Marian’s work here

Jessica Hische’s work is simply divine. She has had the opportunity to work on so many amazing projects including a poster for Florence and The Machine, the title sequence to Moonrise Kingdom (imagine how cool that must have been), she was even asked to work on the cover for Beck’s new album Song Reader. This stunning cover was then made into an amazing cut paper piece by an artist called Ham. Please take some time to watch the amazing making of this paper cut (video at end of post) (again more amazingness).

Jessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica HischeJessica Hische

Paper Cut art created by Hambeck.
See more of Jessica’s work here



Collage Work

As a school girl I used to spend hours and hours cutting up old magazines and creating collages in my homework books. I loved transforming what would otherwise have been a boring and much hated part of my daily school routine into something bright and colourful. Sadly I haven’t actually done any collage work since those days, perhaps I should get out my trusty scissors and Pritt stick and get gluing – if only my finished peices could look half as fabulous as Laura Redburn’s gorgeous creations. Laura is a very talented collage and mixed media illustrator from Cardiff in Wales.
You can see more of her work on Society6 and on her own website

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn

Friday inspiration

20130125-105310.jpgFriday is finally here and a very busy week is ticked off my list. I start on a new job today, it’s an old client who has more additions to his exciting project. I get to be creative and I get to play a little too. Lots of fun!
I normally start a new job by looking for inspiration. Although I am constantly on the look out for fresh ideas and design, I find setting aside the time to creatively recharge is vital. It forces me to stop and take a look around… but I have to be strict with my self, else I will spend all this “official” time caught up in Pinterest. Which brings me to the following amazing illustration. Yip, it has nothing to do with my new job, but I could’nt resist. Isn’t it amazing?
It’s called The Curiosity (by Terry Fan) and I want one. Terry Fan is an crazy talented illustrator – you simply have to check out more of his work Terry Fan.

Have a great weekend everyone, hope you find inspiration for what you need to do too!

Bardot Ice Cream


At first glance, you may be forgiven for thinking that Bardot is a naughty underwear store – the shop front with its frosted windows and suggestive signage doesn’t scream traditional ice cream parlor, instead it hints at a much more saucy experience. (Shop designed by award-winner architect Ana Henton)

“At Bardot, we don’t sell ice cream bars. We sell Love. On a stick.”

The luscious red lips and retro inspired graphic patterns set this store apart. Bardot has turned the humble ice cream bar into a sensual fashion experience.

Bardot’s clever branding is thanks to Landor Associates (a design agency in San Francisco). Landor have managed to turn a once obscure manufacturer, formally known as “Advanced Ice Cream Technologies”, into one of the sexiest ice ream vendors in the USA – Bardot.

With flavors including “Honey I’m Home”, “French Kiss”, “Acapulco Love” and “The Forbidden Fruit” one can easily see why these gorgeous ice cream bars are such a hit – what’s even better is the packaging is specially made to keep the bars chilled for up to eight hours – just enough time to set the mood?

The branding for Bardot has gone on to win Landor Associates numerous design awards including a Silver Clio and bronze Lion at Cannes.

Find out about Bardot.
Read more about Landor Associates here.
Originally spotted on The Die line.


Find out about Bardot.
Read more about Landor Associates here.
Originally spotted on The Die line.

Human Brush Strokes

Amanda Wachob is a tattoo artist who has taken this ancient art to a new and really exciting level. Her creations are quite different to the cliched tattoo art of yesteryear. Each piece is lovingly created with the body being used as a canvas and the tattoo needle being quite literally used as a brush. In Amanda’s words: “In the same way that a brush can paint the interior of a house or render a fine oil painting, I see the tattoo machine as a tool that can make art.”

You can see more of her work here

Amanda WachobAmanda WachobAmanda WachobAmanda WachobAmanda WachobAmanda Wachob

A recipe for the perfect cherry pie

Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie

I have always had a crazy love for typography. I suppose it began while studying Graphic Design at the old Cape Tech. Apart from learning all the theory behind typography we also had to recreate entire font families, by hand!
Nuts, I know, but a vital step in the true appreciation of well set type. Computers and graphics programs simply cannot space letters as well as the human eye, its about feeling the white space around the letters and making it work.
Nothing irritates me more than seeing badly kerned lettering. There simply isnt an excuse for it – it’s just laziness.

Hand lettering is a craft which I am so pleased to see is currently experiencing a huge revival. Being very inspired by ascenders and descenders, kerning and leading, I have hauled out my old drawing pens and note pad, in an enthused attempt to start font doodling again. Thanks to my dear husband, Alexis, who gave me a copy of “Just My Type” by Simon Garfield for my birthday, I really do feel armed to make the most of this artistic whim (so watch this space).

On another note, they say you eat with your eyes first, well if you could make the actual recipe you are reading just as delicious as the dish you intend baking, then you are onto something truly magical.

Inspired by hand lettered chalk boards, Leanda from One Little Bird Studio manages to make your mouth water while reading her Cherry Pie recipe. Her blog is equally as gorgeous, filled with beautiful colours, inspirational posts and fantastic typography (serious blog crush material).

Cherry Pie Recipe

The scrumptious Cherry Pie photos are from another glorious blog you have to visit, Raspberri Cupcakes, but be warned, you may gain a dress size just drooling over Steph’s delicious photographs. This woman knows how to cook!

Hand Lettering by Leanda from One Little Bird Studio
Cherry Pie photos by Steph from Raspberry Cupcakes