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Cupcake Creatures

A while back (infact way back in 2007) I blogged about cupcakes (again) and it was then that I spotted the cute animal birthday candle holder (see post). Recently, thanks to the wonders of Pinterest, I spotted another rendition of the cupcake candle holder. Only this time there was a tutorial on how to make your own.

This is a truly inspired little project, it constantly amazes me how many really crafty people are out there that come up with such ingenious ideas. Thanks to This Is Glamorous and also to The Sweetest Occassion for inspiring me.

Never wishing to miss out an oppurtunity to use my Dremel tool, I quickly dug out some plastic farm animals and got drilling. A couple of sprays of gold paint later and I had created my very own little Cupcake Creature. I had such fun making them that I made quite a few. If you would like to purchase a box (of 5) of Pretty Pretty Cupcake Creatures please drop me a line (jo(dot)reidy(at)gmail(dot)com) or leave a comment below. I would love to see them going to loving homes where they will can be proudly displayed on delicious treats.

If you are interested in how I made them, here is a little DIY lesson. It was so much fun making them, I hope you enjoy it too.

Thanks once again to This Is Glamorous and The Sweetest Occassion for the inspiration.

Eye candy

To get the weekend off to a delicous start, have a look at Amy Atlas’s gorgeous website. Amy is a event planner in New York and is famed for her devine dessert tables. YUM!!

Tea time

Finally, cakes that has zero calories! Norma Lynn makes these delicious little gems entirely by hand and lovingly gives all the proceeds to various worthy causes. What an inspiration!


…more cupcakes

Thankfully drooling over beautiful photography of delicious cupcakes is not going to add on any extra inches. Christina Peters is the most amazing photographer with crisp, clean style… me likes!
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