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Rag Dolls – part 4

Christmas is around the corner and my search for the perfect soft toy Christmas gift for my little niece is getting more pressing. There are just so many incredible examples of softies out there that I can’t make up my mind and to make matters worse, I recently discovered a bunch of kitties specially made for cuddling – check out these adorable Cat Softies:

Cat Rag DollsCat Rag DollsCat Rag DollsCat Rag DollsCat Rag Dolls

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Christmas Kittens

Christmas Kittens

I love this time of year, the level of kitschness can, quite legitimately, go up a full 20 degrees and no one really minds. After all, with Boney M serenading you in every store and gaudy tinsel strangling you at every till point you have little choice other than to be swept up by all the cliches?

One dwindling Christmas tradition I do miss is good old fashioned Christmas cards. As a kid my Mum used to string ours up like bunting and decorate the lounge. Now we simply dont get any. Does anyone still send them?

Anyhow, in my quest for some nostalgia I stumbled upon these gorgeous Kitty Christmas Cards. Aren’t they just so adorably kitsch? I love them. I think next year I am going to make a point of sending out actual real paper Christmas cards to all my friends and family.

Source of the Chirstmas Kittens: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Sparkly deliciousness

If you love chocolate cupcakes then you have to try Kathcake’s Favourite Cupcake recipe.
I whipped up a batch and iced them with chocolate butter icing (yum) and finished them with pretty gold glitter – so glamorous.
If you have ever used edible glitter then you will know it goes everywhere, thankfully this is the perfect time of year for a super sparkly kitchen.

Go on, you have to try making these scrummy delights, they are so SO delicious, super moist, really chocolatey and very morish.
You can find the recipe here. Thanks Kathcake for filling my tummy with sparkly deliciousness.

Sparkly Deliciousness

Christmas Candy Canes

We have just put up our Christmas tree and finally a festive feeling has set in.
Each year I try to do something different with my present wrapping, this year I have settled on plain white paper with pretty red ribbon tied in a bow and finished off with a handmade gift tag and a candy cane.
Looking for references I put this inspiration board together. I love the fresh, almost minty clean colours. Happy wrapping!.

Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration
Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration
Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration
Christmas Candy Cane Inspiration

Picture source (from top down)
Cottons, Alisa Burke via Pinterest
Red Cardinal Bird, Ara 133 Photography via Etsy
Red Glitter Lips, source unknown, via Pinterest
Candy Hair Bows, Cleirigh via Etsy
Red Stripes Ribbon, via Save On Crafts
Candy Cane Martini, via Apartment Therapy
Joules Posh Wellies, via Shoe Day Dreams
Hey Y’all sign, Slippin Southern via Etsy
Red Blooms, Jördis! via Flickr
Candy Cane Heart, Myan Soffia via Etsy
Red Berries, via Mowielicious

Ornament Swap

I have a huge soft spot for Christmas trees and ornaments. I can not wait to get out our box of Christmas goodies and decorate the tree.
Needless to say, our collection keeps growing, and the poor tree will soon be in need a brace.
If you feel like me, then you simply have to sign up for the Second Annual Holiday Ornament Swap. Not only is it a great opportunity to send a little festive cheer to other Christmas’aholics across the globe but its a banker that your desire for the perfect Tree Trinket will be satisfied.

Christmas Swap

The swap is organised by Nicole of Freshly Blended and Kathleen of Cake & Pie. If you want to find out more check this out