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Pretty Pretty Kitties

Okay, I have to admit it – I am completely addicted to that TV show “The Great Bristish Sewing Bee”. It basically a show where contestants are challenged with various weekly sewing tasks – at the end of each week one contestant is eliminated leaving us with the final week where a winning “Sewing Bee” is crowned.

So – to get my creative juices flowing, I dusted off my trusted sewing machine and tackled making some softies that I have been imagining making for a while now. After lots of sketching, planning, pattern making, adjusting and re-adjusting – a litter of three kitties where born. What a proud mummy am I?

Naturally to put these new creations to the ultimate test I had to try them out on the smallest people I know – my twin niece and nephew. After much pulling, prodding, stroking, hugging and kissing my kitty trio where finally given the toddler seal of approval. Dominic did not want to go home without his new friends and Annabelle kept saying, “They are cute – They are cute!” – so I am super chuffed!

I thought I would give you a sneak preview of my little kittens. I plan on putting them (and more of their siblings) up on my online store (on Hello Pretty) – so watch this spot for more info. In the interim if you are interested in getting your paws on an original Pretty Pretty Kitty, let me know – I would love to create a kitty for you.

Pretty Pretty Kitty

Pretty Pretty Kitty

Pretty Pretty Kitty

Kitty Graffiti

I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to start putting some photos from our recent trip around Europe up on the blog.

As today is World Cat Day (isnt every day?) I thought I might start with some feline inspired graffiti we spotted in Berlin. If you have already been to visit this special city you will know it is super charged with amazing street art and super cool graffiti – perfect for Instagram.
Needless to say I took a gazmillion photos (no, I wont bore you with all of them) but here are a few kitty specific pieces. These pud-tats where all created by Rabea Senftenberg

Hope you had a purrfect World Cat Day?

kitty grffiti
kitty grffiti
kitty grffiti
kitty grffiti

All photos taken by me (follow me on Instagram here)

Felted Cat Caves

Stripes (#bestcat) is a cat who loves to cuddle and in winter if there is a blanket to burrow underneath she is there. Most of the time this is terribly sweet and yes, I am so blessed to have such a loving companion to keep me going while I work, but occasionally when I am trying to work on something very complicated her persistence is not so welcome.

You see, somehow Stripes knows when a deadline is eminent, that’s when she insists on pushing all the pens and pencils off my desk, she then tries to curl up on my mouse hand and if that doesn’t work (which it normally doesn’t) she then tries to squeeze herself onto me lap (under my desk) and then as a final distraction she always insists on using my keyboard as a thoroughfare – without fail managing to activate all sorts of weird Photoshop setting that I simply cannot turn off… yikes!

So in an attempt to maintain peace in our house I have been shopping about for cute cat hideaways. I found a few really gorgeous felted examples and may well have to place an order soon.

Cat Caves

Cat Cave

Cat Cave

Cat Cave

You can find the first 5 cat caves here.
The last three cat caves can be found here.


Have you visited the Poppytalk Handmade Website? It’s a monthly online arts and crafts market curated by POPPYTALK (one of my favourite design blogs).
I was browsing through all the gorgeous goodies and stumbled upon these fabulous illustrations by Portland based Michele Maule.
I love them all.

Michele MauleMichele MauleMichele MauleMichele MauleMichele MauleMichele MaulePP_8april2013IPP_8april2013j

See more of Michele Maule’s work here
Visit Michele’s Blog here

Kitty Cat Love

Lucky Pet Love
Cat love

I have to admit that at least half the photos on my phone are of Stripes. When you live with the world’s bestest cat it is hard to resist snapping shots of every cute thing she does. Thus far I have resisted the urge to blog about Stripes (although she did sneak into a photo here). If you are like me and snap WAY too many shots of your cat or dog then you might want to check out my Instagram photos (luckily we are not alone in our pet obsession!)

Being the trendy Instagram cat celeb (wanna-be) that Stripes is – she was asked by the folks at Lucky Pet if she would participate in their Lucky Pet Supreme Cat Census . Stripes was also lucky enough to receive a super gift from them – a cardboard box full of kitty toys and treasures. Stripes was in cat heaven!. Honesty, they could have just sent the box and she would have been happy – she loves boxes and can’t resist climbing, sitting on and shredding up any cardboard that comes into our house.

But back to the cat parcel, it was filled with lots of great goodies – everything from a scratching post (essential for any humans with a leather couch) to a really smart folding cat tunnel (essential for any cat wanting to ambush said humans in the dead of the night). Best part of the whole gift was the packet of Kibbles. Being a strictly Hills Science Diet household, Stripes has only ever known the delights of Hills in her bowl. Needless to say the new smells where very overwhelming and before I could get the packet out of the box she had managed to tear a little hole in it and scoff down a few Kibbles.

Much to Stripes’ annoyance the Kibbles are now stashed under lock and key, it seems they proved to be so irresistible that during the night we found the mended (with some sticky-tape) bag and helped our selves again.
Stripes LOVES them – so they are now given out as a small snack and on special occasions (else we will land up with a tubby doorstopper for a housemate!)

Make sure your cat gets counted in the Lucky Pet Supreme Cat Census too.

Thank you Lucky Pet for the great gift, you have made our Stripey Cat very happy!

Cat Love

All photos where taken using my iPhone.

Fill in the Cat

A very clever use of space and form (and fantasy). Who’d have thought the bits that are missing could still be so importing in telling a story. Have a look at  for more fantastic ideas

Nel furniture