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Design Indaba Expo 2014

After yet another super busy week, it was so lovely to peacefully meander around this year’s Design Indaba Expo and soak in all the great talent on show. Each year that goes by I am always impressed with the volume of fabulous goodies on display and the amazing talent that is out there.

Naturally I was tempted to spend all the money I had burning a hole in my wallet, but I showed restraint and only landed up bagging two gifts for two fortunate mates (and nothing for me!)
If you get a chance, get down to the CTICC and see what’s out there – but be warned, it gets pretty busy, so try to get there early. (Oh and you have to try the Bubble Tea – I had my fist one yesterday and it was weirdly very, very refreshing!)

Here are a few highlights from the Expo.

Design Indaba ExpoDesign Indaba ExpoDesign Indaba ExpoDesign IndabaDesign Indaba ExpoDesign Indaba Expo

1- Diana Ferreira Ceramics | 2 – Liesel Trautman Ceramics | 3 – Africa Is Now Exhibition |
4 & 5 – Artymiss | 6 – Calvera | 7 & 8 – Run Rabbit Run | 8 – Skermunkil

Street art in Cape Town

Woodstock (Cape Town) is an amazing part of this beautiful city, not only is a “melting pot” of all different cultures, but it is also the home to some pretty impressive street art – my favourite of which is by the famous Chinese street artist DALeast.
The first three photos are some (very blurry) Instagram shots of his work that I took. The rest are all shots from DALeast’s website of work he has done in Cape Town.
Next time you are mooching about on a Saturday, do yourself a favor and drive around the back streets on Woodstock – you cannot help but be impressed.

DALeast - Cape TownDALeast - Cape TownDALeast - Cape TownDALeast - Cape TownDALeast - Cape TownDALeast - Cape TownDALeast - Cape TownDALeast - Cape TownDALeast - Cape TownDALeast - Cape TownDALeast - Cape Town
Photos are from DALeast’s website (except for the blurry Instagram shots, which are mine)

Free Bird

As many of you may know, I recently left the security of a full time job as Creative Director of a Cape Town based digital agency called Clickthinking. As a farewell gift to me, my team of designers had a illustration commissioned especially for me by the fabulous One Horse Town.

I was lucky enough to work on a project with the One Horse Town team while still at Clickthinking, having picked them for their amazing style, super enthusiasm and great energy.
You really should go and look at their portfolio, they are talented guys.

So, after finally deciding where I want to hang my art piece, I dashed to the tool box only to discover that my super efficient husband has packed our beloved Hilty Tool away in our new attic… damn! Never mind, as soon as I can I will bash a Hilty nail in the wall and hang my gorgeous illustration (photos to follow)

For now, here is a glimpse of the final illustration, isnt it amazing? Each little component of the drawing has such significance to me. It brings a bitter sweet tear to my eye. My design team really did understand who I was/am and the guys from One Horse Town captured it so well.

One Horse Town illustration

Posh Beasts

This past weekend, Alexis and I took a drive through the prettiest parts of Tamboerskloof and Oranjezicht. We like to take little drives around here and often dream about the day when we will live in such grandeur. This part of the Cape Town CBD is so lovely, the houses are an interesting mix of old and new with the odd dilapidated gem nestled in amongst the more palatial spots. Best of all, the wind doesn’t punish you throughout summer – its sublime.

On our most recent trip through Tamboerskloof we spotted a peacock nonchalantly wondering though a parking lot. Now, I may be somewhat oblivious of the comings and goings of the average peacock, but seeing this fine feathered dandy making his way across the tarmac did seam odd to me. Surely peacocks only reside on massive estates in the countryside, occasionally venturing into town to spend their weekend languishing in posh hotels?

To be honest I am convinced that most exotic animals lead terribly posh lives. After all, where else would the term “coats ‘n tails” come from? Don’t you think these creatures look the part (spotted in amongst them is Mr Peacock of course)? They are part of a really great collection of illustrations by Ryan from Berkley Illustration. You can see more of his work here and here. My favorites are Mr Bat and Mr Black Bear, which are yours?

Happy Spring Day

Red Flower

The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Saturday saw Cape Town experience one of the worst storms in a long while and on Sunday it hailed! You would never guess that a couple of weeks ago the sun baked down on our little garden making flowers bloom and buds turn green.
Since getting my new camera I cant resist photographing everything that happens in the garden – in the nick of time Alexis grabbed a fist full of the hail before it melted.

Queen of Tarts

Saturday morning found Alexis and I happily eating breakfast in one of our favorite spots, Queen of Tarts, in Observatory. This is such a happy place. We have slurped many a fantastic cup of coffee there and had loads of many delicious breakfasts (often including an vital cupcake or two).
This spot always lifts my spirit and inspires me. Tina, the owner, has just opened a great vintage kitchenware shop across the road. Naturally we popped in and naturally I walked out with a whole set of gorgeous tea cups (thanks Alexis!).
Spots like this remind me of why I love this city.