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Pretty Pretty Kitties

Okay, I have to admit it – I am completely addicted to that TV show “The Great Bristish Sewing Bee”. It basically a show where contestants are challenged with various weekly sewing tasks – at the end of each week one contestant is eliminated leaving us with the final week where a winning “Sewing Bee” is crowned.

So – to get my creative juices flowing, I dusted off my trusted sewing machine and tackled making some softies that I have been imagining making for a while now. After lots of sketching, planning, pattern making, adjusting and re-adjusting – a litter of three kitties where born. What a proud mummy am I?

Naturally to put these new creations to the ultimate test I had to try them out on the smallest people I know – my twin niece and nephew. After much pulling, prodding, stroking, hugging and kissing my kitty trio where finally given the toddler seal of approval. Dominic did not want to go home without his new friends and Annabelle kept saying, “They are cute – They are cute!” – so I am super chuffed!

I thought I would give you a sneak preview of my little kittens. I plan on putting them (and more of their siblings) up on my online store (on Hello Pretty) – so watch this spot for more info. In the interim if you are interested in getting your paws on an original Pretty Pretty Kitty, let me know – I would love to create a kitty for you.

Pretty Pretty Kitty

Pretty Pretty Kitty

Pretty Pretty Kitty

Rag Dolls – part 4

Christmas is around the corner and my search for the perfect soft toy Christmas gift for my little niece is getting more pressing. There are just so many incredible examples of softies out there that I can’t make up my mind and to make matters worse, I recently discovered a bunch of kitties specially made for cuddling – check out these adorable Cat Softies:

Cat Rag DollsCat Rag DollsCat Rag DollsCat Rag DollsCat Rag Dolls

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Rag Dolls – part 3

Seriously, who doesn’t just adore Scandinavian design? I mean those clean lines, gorgeous patterns, bold colours, whats not to love? Now combine that with my ongoing quest for the perfect rag doll and you have Jane Foster’s quirky creations.

Jane lives and works from her modern eco home in Devon in the UK. According to Jane her passion is “bold, simply, happy designs”. You can see this clearly reflected in her collection of charming soft toys.

Jane Foster's Soft ToysJane Foster's Soft ToysJane Foster's Soft ToysJane Foster's Soft ToysJane Foster's Soft ToysJane Foster's Soft Toys

Read more about Jane on her webste

Rag Dolls (part 2)

My quest for the perfect rag doll still continues and little sketches and scribbles are filling my moleskin quickly.
My most recent favourite find is this gorgeous army of bunnies aptly named “Confiture de Paillettes”. These sleeping rabbits are hand made by Maiwenn Philouze – aren’t they just so sweet?

Apparently Confiture de Paillettes means glitter jam, which would explain the adorable little packet of glitter which comes with each handmade lovely (…seriously… be still my beating heart!)

Maiwenn Philouze's Confiture de Paillettes

Maiwenn Philouze's Confiture de Paillettes

Maiwenn Philouze's Confiture de Paillettes

Maiwenn Philouze's Confiture de Paillettes

Maiwenn Philouze's Confiture de Paillettes

Maiwenn Philouze's Confiture de Paillettes

Maiwenn Philouze's Confiture de Paillettes

All photos are from Maiwenn Philouze

Rag Dolls (Part 1)

When I was little my Nanna (my Mum’s sister) made me a very pretty rag doll – Emily. Emily was very special, her little white dress with red polka dots, frilly knickers and plaited brown wool hair where all lovingly put together, everything was washable and super practical, very important as Emily went everywhere with me. To keep up with tradition, I too am contemplating making a rag doll for my niece… but being the Aunt that I am, this is not going to be a run of the mill rag doll, no siree! I am thinking envy of the playgroup kinda rag dolly – gorgeously cuddly, very unusual, super soft and (if possible) very pretty!

As part of my research into the ultimate rag doll, I have stumbled upon many great examples of unusual rag dolls. Here is my latest favorite. It’s made by Slovenian Studio 13. Cute hey?

Did you have a rag doll (or such) as a child? Do you remember what she looked like? I would love to hear your rag doll story.

Rad doll Cats

Dinky Pet Portraits

Aren’t these dinky pet portraits just the cutest? I would love to have one made of #Bestcat. So so sweet.
These mini felt pals are made by Royal Mint and you can see more of their adorable creating in their Etsy shop

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Animal love

The interwebs is a mad and devilish place – it keeps showing me things I can’t have / can’t afford to have / am to old to have / simply wont fit me.
So, to tame the magpie in me, I add all tempting finds to my glorious world of Pinterest Boards. Here are a few of my current “must haves”:

Pretty Pretty WishlistPretty Pretty Wish ListPretty Pretty WishlistPretty Pretty Wish ListPretty Pretty WishlistPretty Pretty WishlistPretty Pretty Wish List

Sources for these items are:
1 – Cat mat
2 – Creature Mugs
3 – Ceramic Fox speaker
4 – Penguin friends dessert plate
5 – Ceramic Frenchie Stamper
6 – Cat in pajamas
7 – French clips

Meet Ms Betty


My love for red foxes is huge! You just have to check out my every growing Pinterest board to know I like all things related this gorgeous creature. So imagine my delight when I came across Ms Betty. This adorable hand made felted vixen is, along with a family of other irresistible softies, the crafted child of Mia from Manomine.

Do yourself a favor and visit Mia’s blog, but be warned, this wont be a 2 minute exercise. Make some tea, get a snack and forget getting to those emails for at least an hour or so. If you are anything like me you will spend the better part of your morning looking at each of her gorgeous little boxes (or suitcases) filled with the sweetest forest friend loveliness. Mia painstakingly adds so much detail into each unique piece. Putting together little photo albums, lovingly creating the teeny tiniest little pastries, sewing tiny winter coats and knitting wooly hats. All so special and detailed.

One (or two) of Mia’s creations are definitely going on my Christmas wish list.
So visit her blog to check out more of her irresistible creations, even if you don’t have kids, these little creatures are a shear delight. If you are lucky you may be able to snap one up, they are quite sought after little critters!

All photos are from Mia’s blog

Softies for the twins

As some of you may be aware, I recently became an aunt. Okay, there is NO way I will ever be addressed as Aunty Jo, but I can proudly say I have acquired the title none the less. My sweet little sister recently gave birth to the teeny tiniest little twins and today is their 3 week birthday. Happy 3 weeks Annabelle and Dominic! To make this day even more special today is the day they get to go home for the first time.

Having little ones in the family does give me the opportunity to drool over the cutest of things, adorable shoes, awesome beanies with ears, rompers with tails and insanely cute bibs… Why dont they make these things for grown ups?

Here is my first post of things that are on my “Aunty” wish list. Softies – all cuddly enough for sleep time.

Softies for the twins
1 – Sara Carr
2 – Marisa Girardi
3 – Sara Carr
4 – Sara Carr
5 – Janee Lookerse
6 – Sara Carr
7 – Sleepy King

Gorgeous Wood

Sometimes I wish I had taken wood work as a subject at school. It must be so rewarding seeing potential in a old tree stump and then being able to bring that vision to life. My Uncle was a keen carpenter and his garage (which he shared with the resident rabbit) always smelt of saw dust and wood oil. As a child I used to love to scratch around in his huge box of off cuts and make little toys out of bits of turned wood, eventually painting and proudly varnishing them.

Research for a new client led me to some really fantastic examples of imaginative woodwork.

1 & 2- Alex Earl’s Log Stool
3 – Vogel Design’s Love me love me not nested tables (photo: Elle Decoration)
4 – Porky Hefer’s Lites (photo: Elle Decoration)
5 – Kiddies’ SAAB roadster
6 – Kristian Vedel’s Architect Bird
7 – Material 6 Wood iPhone cover (photo: Uncrate)

I love gifts

Jo, an old friend of mine who now lives in the UK sent me a surprise gift last week. How exciting! It was completely out of the blue and for no special occasion (don’t I have the loveliest friends?)

Needless to say, on fetching the parcel, I could hardly wait to get home and rip it open. I was not disappointed – Jo had picked out all the perfect bits and bobs and put them together in a really beautifully co-ordinated gift.

My parcel contained a sweet little sparkly bird ring, a gorgeous multi-colored bird garland, the perfect size tea mug and a matching little gardening bag, and then, best of all, 2 handmade decorations for my Christmas tree. Jo had gone to such trouble to create the sweetest dainty clothes peg lady and an adorable wooly owl. They are devine!

I absolutely love my gift and knowing someone so far away went to so much trouble to put together such an exciting gift really is very special.
Thank you Jo, you are an angel!

Le Petit Atelier de Paris

Its terribly exciting – my sister is expecting twins! Finally I can legitimately look at cute baby things without worry that my Mum may think I am getting broody. Hopefully with the prospect of not one but two first grand children, Mum will lighten the pressure on me.

Naturally decorating thoughts have turned to all things pretty for a nursery. I must admit that I am not terribly fond of overly “baby” like nurseries with Barney or Barbie plastered over every wall. After all Mum and Dad are going to have to spend a lot of time in there and until the baby is old enough to insist on cerise pink walls and Tinkerbell everywhere, I feel the space should be fresh and calming but none the less interesting for little growing eyes.

On my new quest to find unusual but gorgeous nursery decor items I stumbled across this amazing ceramicist studio in Paris “LE PETIT ATELIER DE PARIS”. I love the detailed and delicate porcelain work. You can see more of their fine collection on their website and blog