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Posh Beasts

This past weekend, Alexis and I took a drive through the prettiest parts of Tamboerskloof and Oranjezicht. We like to take little drives around here and often dream about the day when we will live in such grandeur. This part of the Cape Town CBD is so lovely, the houses are an interesting mix of old and new with the odd dilapidated gem nestled in amongst the more palatial spots. Best of all, the wind doesn’t punish you throughout summer – its sublime.

On our most recent trip through Tamboerskloof we spotted a peacock nonchalantly wondering though a parking lot. Now, I may be somewhat oblivious of the comings and goings of the average peacock, but seeing this fine feathered dandy making his way across the tarmac did seam odd to me. Surely peacocks only reside on massive estates in the countryside, occasionally venturing into town to spend their weekend languishing in posh hotels?

To be honest I am convinced that most exotic animals lead terribly posh lives. After all, where else would the term “coats ‘n tails” come from? Don’t you think these creatures look the part (spotted in amongst them is Mr Peacock of course)? They are part of a really great collection of illustrations by Ryan from Berkley Illustration. You can see more of his work here and here. My favorites are Mr Bat and Mr Black Bear, which are yours?

Flat white

Do you have days where you see or taste or feel a common colour throughout your day?
Monday has been a white day for me.
You see, today we took the first step in our long planned for home renovation. As a result I was completely house bound, being totally restricted to working from our dining room.

Our little house was filled with contractors who where converting our roof area into storage. They spent the entire day drilling, sawing, hammering and stapeling. All very loudly and all while traipsing dust and wood chips through our home (eek!)
Thankfully its all done now. The chaps cleaned up (sort of) and then showed me how to pull down the fancy ladder, I signed some papers and off they went in their little van.

Job done.

Yippee, we now have a smart new storage space. Ironically its lined with a smart white dust cloth so it looks quite pristine and crisp up there. Negotiating the pull down ladder is a little awkward but I will get the hang of it. I can’t wait to get up there and start sorting and packing away stuff. What a blessing it is to have this white tent in the sky.

So yes, today has been a white Monday. White is such a clean and comforting colour to me. It promises renewal and offers a quiet space for thought. It refreshes and inspires me, I love it.

Having taken the first step in my renovation journey, white best represents my frame of mind at the moment. I feel content and contemplative, but at the same time positive and optimistic about all our future reno’ plans.

white collection

1. Johan Rosenmunthe
2. Unknown (via Pinterest)
3. Unknown (via Pinterest)
4. Visualize
5. Flickr
6. Canelle-Vanille
7. Style Me Pretty

People and their pets

Are two thirds of the photos on your phone of your pet?
My friends run screaming when I want to show them a photo from my phone. They know its going to be at least 20 minutes before they can free themselves from the tractor beam I have locked on them.

I can’t help it, I love my cat and I love taking photos of her, she is after all the cutest cat in the entire universe.

Well at least I am not alone – seems that through the ages people have gone to a lot of trouble to immortalise their beloved pets (even permitting their kids to smoke cigars while doing so…)

All of these photos can be found on my Pinterest board (they come from various sources, some of which are not clear)

Spring has sprung

Today is the beginning of a new season and a new start for all. Here is hoping your spring is filled with the warmth of the rediscovered sunshine, the freshness of distant breezes, the indulgence of intoxicating flowers and the dreams of long forgotten afternoon naps.

Pictured here is a Hummingbird moth, Macroglossum stellatarum, enjoying a snack on a sprig of lavender.

Circus Orchids

Orchids really are like the old world circus acts of the floral kingdom. Their theatrical blooms never fail to impress and their abundance and stamina are worthy of grand applause.

These intriguing jewels come in all shapes and sizes and to spite their delicate appearance are relatively easy to keep happy. They need to be loved and occasionally watered and of course constantly admired. Our dining room is the perfect spot to showcase these cheery plants . It’s a light and airy room directly off our kitchen, so anyone who is pottering about will definitely not miss them.

Much to my delight, this year all of them have decided to bloom at the same time, so our dining room looks like the Big Topper with all its new colours and stripes and dots and spots.


Picture credits:
First row left: Unknown (original pin is no longer available, found on Pinterest), right: Pretty Pretty
Second row left: Pretty Pretty, right:
Third row left: elgarbort, right: Pretty Pretty

Delicious treats

Every Monday is started swearing to my self that this week I am going to be very good, no chocies, no biscuits with tea, no ice cream. Well I got off to a fabulous start when I stumbled upon Cannelle et Vanille, the photography is amazing and the delicous treats are truely decadent. Well worth a visit.

Happy Spring Day

Red Flower

The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Saturday saw Cape Town experience one of the worst storms in a long while and on Sunday it hailed! You would never guess that a couple of weeks ago the sun baked down on our little garden making flowers bloom and buds turn green.
Since getting my new camera I cant resist photographing everything that happens in the garden – in the nick of time Alexis grabbed a fist full of the hail before it melted.


Its been a while since my last post. Work has been manic and my design team are down to only two (eek!) Sadly the last thing on my mind has been pretty and inspirational things… UNTIL… I saw these adorable little babies. Normally I wouldnt post photos of kitties, but these are taken by my dear freind Jo and she is a fabulous photographer who’s work is so inspiring. Thanks Jo for getting me going again. Check out her adventures with her new kittens here.

New Kittens Being Weighed