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My year of flowers

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to always have fresh flowers in our house. I started it off with a bunch of scented stargazer lilies, they where followed by a dreamy vase of purple lisianthus (who had just started looking really sad). Then yesterday evening, dear sweet Alexis surprised me with a gorgeous bunch of brilliant red gladiolus. Aren’t I so lucky? (Top tip – did you know that you can force very tightly closed gladys to bloom by putting loads of ice into thier vase along with the water. Works like a charm!)

Stargazer liliesPurple LisianthusRed Gladioulus

Garden Fresh

“Garden Fresh series investigates the shifting boundaries between humans and animals in today’s environment and the complex relationship between art and nature”

Agan Harahap’s photos of animals “captured” in supermarkets are amazing and at the same time a little dark and macabre. Agan is a photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia – you can see more of his work on Behance.


All photos from here

Christmas Photo Booth

Christmas Photo Booth

Do you always leave Christmas shopping till the very last minute? Are you the one madly rushing about trying to get presents and cards before the shops close?

We are here to help you – we will provide the Photo Booth, the props, the snow and the Christmas vibes. All you have to do is grab a Santa beard, pose with a cheesy grin and leave the rest to us.

After Santa’s elves have worked their magic you will receive a package with a DVD, prints and post cards.

Its so simple – all you need to do sign up, pitch up & dress up.
What fun!

The Christmas Photo Booth is a collaboration between dna photographers and PrettyPretty.

When: 9 December
Where: A Christmas studio in central Cape Town (to be confirmed)
Time: 15 minute time slots
Cost: R900

What you get:
1 x 15 minute shoot
5 images posted on DVD (& sent electronically)
5 jumbo prints
2 A5 prints
1 A4 print
20 post cards with a funky Christmas design
All posted to you (or you can collect from Cape Town CBD)

BOOK NOW: send an email to and give us the following details:
1. Your name and surname
2. Your postal address
3. Your telephone number
4. Your email address
5. The names of the folks who are going to be in the Christmas Photo Booth with you.

Limited space available.

Brighton Cats

It would seem that LOL cats were probably the brain child of Harry Pointer, a photographer based in Brighton during the 1870s. He lovingly took photos of his pet cats, eventually setting them in silly poses like riding bicycles and balancing on a skateboards. To add to the cheesiness, he added little captions to each shot. Not surprisingly folks flocked to buy these daft photos, eventually Pointer had them made into greeting cards and by 1884 the Brighton Cats collection expanded to include around 200 LOL kitties.

You can read more about Pointer and his Brighton Cats Collection here.

Harry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry PointerHarry Pointer

Spier Secret Festival

This past weekend Alexis and I where lucky enough to attend the Spier Secret Festival (read more about it here). Naturally I took the opportunity to snap some photos of all the festivities – we listened to fantastic speakers, scoffed delicious food and sipped on chilled wine.
All in all a fantastic day.

Spier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret FestivalSpier Secret Festival

Stanley Kubrick’s New York

Stanley KubrickStanley KubrickStanley KubrickStanley KubrickStanley Kubrick

With hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast of the US, my thoughts go out to all those people who have had to abandon their homes and move to safety. I can’t imagine how scary that must be. I think I would grab #bestcat, my camera and laptop first and then if possible a backpack with other essentials.

While listening to CNN and hearing that the New York underground has been flooded in places, I remembered that I had seen these phenomenal photos taken in 1946 by Stanley Kubrick. Apparently Kubrick rode the trains every evening between midnight and six in the morning, for two weeks, trying to capture the real late night mood of this amazing transport system. Fascinating, how times have changed – seems the lack of iPods forced people to chat to one another back then – poor folks! (fascinating how chivalry was not as popular back then either)

Anyhow, sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts to all those along the east coast.

Playing with food

Şakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir GökçebağŞakir Gökçebağ

Tuesday’s always seem to be kinda dull and non-events. But this morning I stumbled across these amazing photos by Turkish born Şakir Gökçebağ.

Şakir takes everyday bits and bobs and makes them into something magical. Most of the pieces above are of fruit and veg, like green beens and slices of watermelon. He also uses crazy pieces like shoes and toilet rolls (yip, bog rolls). Şakir Gökçebağ is pictured above in front of his graceful (but wierd) loo paper piece.

He is a really interesting artist, you should check out more of his photos and exhibition work on his site

8 months of Cuteness

Yesterday my little niece and nephew turned 8 months old. I couldn’t be prouder of these two little angels. Although twins their little characters are so very different (even at this age). Gorgeous Annabelle (Little Belle), is shy and contemplative while crazy Dominic (Button) is super out there and smiley – put them together and you have a show stopper. Little crowds form around their stroller whenever they go out. They easily steal the hearts of all who see them (and that’s not just a boastful Aunt comment).

I take my hat off to my sister Alison and my amazing brother-in-law Rob for being so calm and patient all the time. You guys are super heros.

Happy 8 months all!

You can see more adorable pics of the twins on my sister’s blog Love Thyself
If you are curious you can see how teeny tiny there where when they where just two months old here.

Milnerton Market Photographic Finds

On a recent trip to the Milnerton Market, I spotted this amazing stall that was full of vintage cameras and binoculars all beautifully laid out begging to be photographed. As I am still breaking in my new camera I took the opportunity to get some photo exercise. I am pretty happy with them. What do you think?

Milnerton MarketMilnerton MarketMilnerton MarketMilnerton MarketMilnerton MarketMilnerton Market

Gorgeous Bugs

Last night I had a insect nightmare (again). I often dream about bugs and most of the time it is NOT pleasant. The same cannot be said for photographer Kari Herer’s gorgeous creepy crawlies. Her photos are all so pretty and delicate, she has created some really amazing floral still life photo portraits (which you can purchase on Etsy).

Kari is a very talented photographer based in Portland, Maine. Her portfolio includes some very glamorous weddings, adorable kids photos and terribly cute (but not kitch) pet photos. Check out her portfolio here.

Gorgeous Bugs

Read more about Kari Herer

Sketch and Raw Color

Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed, was recently responsible for the lavish redesign of London’s Sketch Restaurant. His bright and festive interior is a unique exhibition, actual artwork and restaurant all rolled into one. He hand picked each individual item and no two pieces are the same. Miss matched cutlery, plastic garden chairs and priceless antiques all sit comfortably along side one another in this glorious riot of colour and style.

Sketch RestaurantSketch RestaurantSketch RestaurantSketch Restaurant

Inspired by the ingredients in signature dishes from the restaurant’s menu, Eindhoven-based design duo Raw Color created these amazing still lifes. I love the stark geometric simplicity of them, a trait not often seen in mainstream food styling.

Raw ColourRaw ColourRaw ColourRaw ColourRaw ColourRaw ColourRaw ColourRaw ColourRaw Colour

Read more about Martin Creed here
More info on Sketch here
Find out more about Raw Color here

Smile for the camera

Having recently upgraded my camera, along with learning how to use all the new buttons and gizmo’s I am also keen to make sure that my new toy is properly accessorized. Aren’t these camera straps so adorable?

They are the from Bloom Theory, the brainchild of Vania and Christine, founders of Simply Bloom Photography.
Check out the rest of their gorgeous collection – too many pretty options to choose from, swoon!

Camera StrapsCamera Straps
Check out Bloom Theory here