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Bird House (of worship)

Okay, so along with my small rabbit habit, I have a little problem when it comes to all things bird related. Much to my delight I stumbled across Cher Ami, and a link to Studio Frederik. Cher Ami is a fabulous site with an equally impressive collection of “birdy” articles. Check out these statuesque bird houses.


Ornament Swap

I have a huge soft spot for Christmas trees and ornaments. I can not wait to get out our box of Christmas goodies and decorate the tree.
Needless to say, our collection keeps growing, and the poor tree will soon be in need a brace.
If you feel like me, then you simply have to sign up for the Second Annual Holiday Ornament Swap. Not only is it a great opportunity to send a little festive cheer to other Christmas’aholics across the globe but its a banker that your desire for the perfect Tree Trinket will be satisfied.

Christmas Swap

The swap is organised by Nicole of Freshly Blended and Kathleen of Cake & Pie. If you want to find out more check this out

Fill in the Cat

A very clever use of space and form (and fantasy). Who’d have thought the bits that are missing could still be so importing in telling a story. Have a look at  for more fantastic ideas

Nel furniture

revived silverware

Christine Misiak is breathing new life into tired old silver tea sets. Check out the gorgeous shiny black teapot and its quite little lopsided sugar bowl, who has one little foot missing, quite fabulous.

Christine Misiak

bunny love

Lately I seem to have developed a soft spot for rabbits. Secretly I would love to have a fluffy bunny hopping about my house, but I fear my beloved Stripey Cat may enjoy making a snack out of him, so instead I have resorted to collecting (less tasty) ceramic versions. This gentle wabbit was sculpted by Janine De Waal, an architect from Cape Town (my home town). I have a very similar bunny sitting on my chest of drawers in my room.


beautiful blooms

I am looking for ideas for our upcoming wedding and there are a lot of fantastic and unusual styles to chose from. Krislyn Flora have some truely amazing designs, I love the unusual colours and haunting style.


Leif Design

The colours used in this unusual chair are really relaxing and clean. Have a look at Leif Design, they have some really original and imaginative concepts.



Jo Meesters is a really unusual Dutch designer, I really do love his “Reshaping Wood” table.


Ink & Peat

What inspiring flower arrangements, with wedding plans on my mind (no we havent set a real date yet) I love gathering pretty ideas. Check out Ink & Peat



Wowbow is a new luxury brand committed to pampered pets & their discerning two legged companions” Okay, I admit it, our cat Stripey will sleep on anything as long as its in a nice sunny patch, but she would look really gorgeous on one of these