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Spring has sprung

Today is the beginning of a new season and a new start for all. Here is hoping your spring is filled with the warmth of the rediscovered sunshine, the freshness of distant breezes, the indulgence of intoxicating flowers and the dreams of long forgotten afternoon naps.

Pictured here is a Hummingbird moth, Macroglossum stellatarum, enjoying a snack on a sprig of lavender.

Le Petit Atelier de Paris

Its terribly exciting – my sister is expecting twins! Finally I can legitimately look at cute baby things without worry that my Mum may think I am getting broody. Hopefully with the prospect of not one but two first grand children, Mum will lighten the pressure on me.

Naturally decorating thoughts have turned to all things pretty for a nursery. I must admit that I am not terribly fond of overly “baby” like nurseries with Barney or Barbie plastered over every wall. After all Mum and Dad are going to have to spend a lot of time in there and until the baby is old enough to insist on cerise pink walls and Tinkerbell everywhere, I feel the space should be fresh and calming but none the less interesting for little growing eyes.

On my new quest to find unusual but gorgeous nursery decor items I stumbled across this amazing ceramicist studio in Paris “LE PETIT ATELIER DE PARIS”. I love the detailed and delicate porcelain work. You can see more of their fine collection on their website and blog


Pets on Furniture

My latest addiction is drooling over fabulous websites that showcase inspiring interiors, and amongst my favorites is Desire To Inspire. It’s full of really amazing interiors, with plenty before and after shots to keep the aspiring home DIY enthusiast quite satisfied. I have often had to stop myself from spending “just 10 more minutes” paging through their delicious website.

Well I am now VERY proud to announce that our super amazing house mate, Stripey Cat has been selected to appear in their weekly Pets on Furniture feature.
Pictured below Stripey Cat are two other furry featured friends, Daisy sleeping on the gorgeous printed duvet and Elvis at home on the studded chair.

Fine Feathers

What a magnificent Sunday! Although working I was lucky enough to be able to take my laptop outside and enjoy the glorious sunshine, the birds, the butterflies and the odd bumble bee. I am so happy spring is here.
Thanks to one of my new favorite blogs (yes, I know I should have been working) Creature Comforts, I discovered these delicate porcelain feathers. These are so going on my Christmas list. You can check them and lots of other lovely stuff at Velocity.


This is Glamorous

isn’t this the most gorgeous chandelier? I found this thing of beauty at “This is Glamorous“, this is such a pretty website, with the most elegant snippets.

Floral Design

I simply love this little vase cover and I am quite proud to say I have one gracing my chest of drawers in my bedroom. Tord Boontje designs exquisitely intricate pieces. Have a look at Artecnica for this and other gorgeous peices

These little 3d flower cards are also a beautiful examples of work at Artecnica, designed by Tahmineh Javanbakht and Clara von Zweigbergk.

wish list

I am determined to make my own cuckoo clock and I have started collecting pic’s for inspiration. The simplicity of this version would suite our home. I found this example at Snow Home. Check out the website, they have some really great goodies.

Snow Home also sell these magnificent trays. I have blogged about Ibride before and couldn’t resist to punt them again. They have an equally magical website, check it out.



Have a look at this beautiful ceramic “Grass” vase. Grass is crafted by design duo Claydies, in thier words: “Grass has a very naïve ceramic expression that is both uplifting and amusing”.


Flower Girl

I thought I’d take this opportunity to start bragging about my upcoming wedding. Holly is going to be my flower girl, well actually my flower bird. Keeping in the theme of all things birdy, she is going to wear little feathered wings. isn’t she adorable? Check out more gorgeous photos taken by my dear friend Jo (Holly’s Mum). She is an amazingly talented photographer… brag, brag!

Holly with wings

Tea time

Finally, cakes that has zero calories! Norma Lynn makes these delicious little gems entirely by hand and lovingly gives all the proceeds to various worthy causes. What an inspiration!