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Kitchen Aid Love

I grew up in a house where my Mum baked regularly. Often we would come home from school to a house filled with the smells of a cherry loaf cooling on a wire rack, or warm biscuits waiting for afternoon tea. Mum had (and still has) a Kenwood Chef and for as long as I can remember, it has had its own special place in the kitchen and has been probably the most used and loved appliance in her home.

When I moved out from under Mum’s wing and into my own house, mixing batters and whipping eggs lost its charm. No longer was the trusty Kenwood there to save the day, now all beating and whisking had to be done my hand – not fun! You need serious muscle power and stamina for such things. Needless to say baking only happened on special occasions where Woolies chocolate cake would not suffice.

Then, for Christmas last year, my darling husband surprised me with very own dream toy – a gorgeous Kitchen Aid. I was ecstatic, it was a black one, but I could swap it out for any colour I wanted. WOW, finally I would no longer have to longingly gaze at the mixers in shops and fantasise about the day I would effortlessly whip up a batch of something. Without another thought we swapped the black version for a baby blue beauty.

After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting (probably only a couple of weeks, but I am terribly impatient) my new toy was delivered by Yuppy Chef. Now I could finally play!

To christen my new Kitchen Aid I chose a recipe from one of my favorite foody blogs Joy The Baker (well worth a visit, especially if you appreciate yummy photos). A Lemon Pound Cake. The cake turned out beautifully and was gobbled without any complaints.
Needless to say my Kitchen Aid is definitely the most used and loved appliance in my kitchen. Thanks Mum for inspiring me to keep on baking and thanks Alexis for the amazing present – Worth every penny!

Drinks anyone?

Humming Bird Glass Tag

Dinner parties are fabulous! Lots of delicious food, excellent company and with a spot of luck really good wine. But, mark my words, put your glass of vino down for 2 minutes to visit the lav’ and you are bound to come back to find it mysteriously gone. Do you spend the rest of the evening sizing up everyone who may have nicked your tipple or do you do what someone else probably did and claim the next unattended glass of wine you find? Hopefully not…
Lots of my friends have resorted to buying those silly little charms you can get at most home stores, you know, the kind you twist onto the stem of the glass. These little “tags” promise to differentiate everyones drinks, but sadly after a couple of glasses no one remembers (nor seems to care) what colour their little tag was.
I bet if you presented them with a glass of Chardonnay taged with one of these beautiful hummingbirds there would be a lot less confusion – they are simply to striking to forget.
(Now if only they sold them here in Cape Town… sigh)

Eye candy

To get the weekend off to a delicous start, have a look at Amy Atlas’s gorgeous website. Amy is a event planner in New York and is famed for her devine dessert tables. YUM!!

Delicious treats

Every Monday is started swearing to my self that this week I am going to be very good, no chocies, no biscuits with tea, no ice cream. Well I got off to a fabulous start when I stumbled upon Cannelle et Vanille, the photography is amazing and the delicous treats are truely decadent. Well worth a visit.

Petit Patisserie

Just a quick post, seems I am going to be burning the midnight oil again. Here is a another example of calorie free pastries. These are made by KupKup. How cute!


Queen of Tarts

Saturday morning found Alexis and I happily eating breakfast in one of our favorite spots, Queen of Tarts, in Observatory. This is such a happy place. We have slurped many a fantastic cup of coffee there and had loads of many delicious breakfasts (often including an vital cupcake or two).
This spot always lifts my spirit and inspires me. Tina, the owner, has just opened a great vintage kitchenware shop across the road. Naturally we popped in and naturally I walked out with a whole set of gorgeous tea cups (thanks Alexis!).
Spots like this remind me of why I love this city.


Happy Easter

Hey, its time to hunt for Easter Eggs again! This little nest is an example of the Easter gifts I have made for my family.
Here’s wishing all a very happy and peaceful Easter. If you are traveling anywhere, please drive carefully.


Tea time

Finally, cakes that has zero calories! Norma Lynn makes these delicious little gems entirely by hand and lovingly gives all the proceeds to various worthy causes. What an inspiration!


…more cupcakes

Thankfully drooling over beautiful photography of delicious cupcakes is not going to add on any extra inches. Christina Peters is the most amazing photographer with crisp, clean style… me likes!
cup cakes

Cup Cakes Rock

Suddenly I am seeing more and more gorgeous ideasfor cupcake, have a look at Trophy Cupcakes for some really scrummy looking ideas, I wonder if they deliver?

trophy cupcake

My Other Half

Isn’t this the most fantastic idea? Two wine glasses connected by a tube, fill one glass and it automatically fills the other. Very romantic indeed.