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Hero Pins Coming Soon

I have been tinkering away at my latest craft project for a while now, and I thought I would share with you a sneak peak before I put any of my products onto Hello Pretty.

So, something for the boys… (with a little drum roll) here are a few of my Hero Pins. These old school war pins are in fact tiny cameos (illustrated by me) of the most recognisable silhouetted heros of all time. Amongst the bunch are John Wayne, ALfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein. I have cast each resin cameo in a little silver plague and finished it off with some matching grosgrain ribbon.
These cameos look so cool worn on a lapel of a smart suit jacket as well as a casual denim number. Very dapper and terribly suave!

Of course I have also made a girly equivalent and will be photographing and loading those soon.

Pretty Pretty Hero Pins

Yayoi Kusama


Last night we went to see Dark Knight Rises. It was a ton of fun and to spite not being a massive super hero movie fan, I really enjoyed it. On our way back to the car we strolled past the windows of the Louis Vuitton store. They always have the most phenomenal window displays and the current dotty delight is no exception. Luckily I managed to snap some “okay” photos (on my iPhone) of the windows, if you have the chance, do stop by the store at the V&A Waterfront to see this riot of red for yourself. My pics simply don’t do it justice.

The windows are inspired by influential Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Yayoi is a fascinating character, currently residing at Seiwa Hospital for the Mentally Ill (in Japan) she continues to produce artworks in various mediums along with numerous literary pieces. Yayoi’s most prolific work was done during the 60’s and early 70’s, being a forerunner to the pop art, minimalist and feminist art movements – she is said to have influenced even the likes of Andy Warhol. Well, what every her story is, I love the magical shiny plasticness of this installation. The windows look virtually edible: bright, bold and super delicious!

Here is a quote from Yayoi regarding her obsession with polka dots: “…a polka-dot has the form of the sun, which is a symbol of the energy of the whole world and our living life, and also the form of the moon, which is calm. Round, soft, colorful, senseless and unknowing. Polka-dots become movement… Polka dots are a way to infinity.”

Read more about Yayoi Kusama
Visit Louis Vuitton

Smile for the camera

Having recently upgraded my camera, along with learning how to use all the new buttons and gizmo’s I am also keen to make sure that my new toy is properly accessorized. Aren’t these camera straps so adorable?

They are the from Bloom Theory, the brainchild of Vania and Christine, founders of Simply Bloom Photography.
Check out the rest of their gorgeous collection – too many pretty options to choose from, swoon!

Camera StrapsCamera Straps
Check out Bloom Theory here

Perfect Pumps

I have to admit that I simply can not resist a cute pair of pumps. I spied these little beauties at Mr Price yesterday and I simply had to have them. Thankfully the sun came out today and I was able to wear them. Aren’t they just too cute?

Perfect Pumps

Human Brush Strokes

Amanda Wachob is a tattoo artist who has taken this ancient art to a new and really exciting level. Her creations are quite different to the cliched tattoo art of yesteryear. Each piece is lovingly created with the body being used as a canvas and the tattoo needle being quite literally used as a brush. In Amanda’s words: “In the same way that a brush can paint the interior of a house or render a fine oil painting, I see the tattoo machine as a tool that can make art.”

You can see more of her work here

Amanda WachobAmanda WachobAmanda WachobAmanda WachobAmanda WachobAmanda Wachob

Ferse Verse Goodness

I cannot believe this week is nearly over. I have been crazy busy with an exciting new project I am going launch soon (but more about that later)
In a quest to find simple design that would sooth my eyes and mind, I discovered this cute little online store Frese Verse. They are based in Hong Kong and list only beautifully curated pieces that fit within their ethos of “respecting vintage designs because of their ever-lasting aesthetic and cultural values”.

Ferse VerseFerse VerseFerse VerseFerse VerseFerse VerseFerse VerseFerse Verse

See more lovely things at Frese Verse

Kate Moss in the Ritz Paris

The sheer sophistication and elegance of the Ritz in Paris is legendary – the perfect setting for a breathtaking look at the latest haute couture as worn by Kate Moss (and photographed for Vogue by Tim Walker)
Have a look at the Vogue website for more of the shoot.

Thanks to the lovely Romy from Riya Bella Vintage Blog for the original link I saw.

I think my favourite gown is the Giamattista Valli (photo where Kate Moss is precariously balanced on a mantelpiece).
The description from the Vogue website is so appropriate: “Giambattista Valli sent out a cinched draped-shoulder goddess dress in ‘a color so deep, so intense, you can almost smell it—like bougainvillea on the Mediterranean coast’.”


All photos are from the Vogue website and are photographed by Tim Walker.

A quick snap shot

I am currently doing some research for a new jewelry line I am making. Lucky for me I get to trawl through tons of incredible photos of all my favourite old “Big Screen” movie stars (hard work, really!)
Amongst the gems I have collected on my Vintage board on Pinterest I rediscovered this gorgeous photo – I adore Audrey’s effortless elegance, even when touching up her makeup.

Audrey Hepburn

Photo found here

Hand drawn handbags

Some may say I have a small handbag problem, but I disagree. After all I did clear out a bunch of old forgotten bags not that long ago – surely that means I have space for some new guys?

Jump from Paper
Jump from Paper
Jump from Paper
Jump from Paper
Jump from Paper
Jump from Paper

Thanks to my stylish sister, Alison, for feeding my handbag habit. I now HAVE to get my paws on a one of these fabulous Jump From Paper bags.To quote the creators: “Jump From Paper™ is a playful and innovative line of handbags. Cartoon-like outlines, bright and vibrant colors will be sure to turn heads and be the talk of the town. Are they real? Yes they’re real”

Now to choose a style…I cant decide which one I like the most… which one would you get?

All photos are from Jump From Paper

Make your own glittered brogues

Make Your Own Glittered Brogues
Make your own glittered brogues
Make your own glittered brogues

Being very inspired by Jenni from I Spy DIY’s gorgeously glittery brogues, I decided to try the task out for my self. WOW – the final result is so cute and so easy. I now have a gorgeous pair of unique pale pink brogues ready to dance the night away in. Very pretty and sparkly – what more could a girl want? Here is how I did it:

Making your own glittered brogues
1. Supplies you will need: A tub of Podge (sometimes called Mod Podge), glitter, a cheap paintbrush and a suitable pair of shoes.
2. As the shoe have very clearly marked out “areas” of stitching / layers of leather I decided not to mask any of the shoe off, but if you are nervous of messing you could use some masking tape to protect the parts you don’t want glittered. Then paint a consistent layer of Podge over the entire area you wanted glittered.
3. While the Podge is still tacky, sprinkle the glitter on. I was quite generous with the amount I sprinkled on at first. Remember to do this over a bowl to catch all the glitter that falls off. Once the glitter layer is dry you can give the shoe another coat of Podge and another dusting of glitter. This should help fill any little gaps you see peeping through the glitter. I did two layers of glitter and then painted two more plain layers of Podge over that (remember to wait for it to dry between layers) This should protect the glitter from any light scuffing etc.
4. Hey presto, your magical dancing shoes are done! Enjoy them.