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Walking Shadows

Recently we have had a bunch of prints framed – prints we have been collecting forever as well as some new ones we bought on our recent trip to Europe. So in order to display these gems at their best we have had to rethink the current arrangement on our walls – this means taking all the old frames down, dusting them, regrouping them, rejigging them again, more reshuffling and then going mental with the Hilty tool – all in all an exciting project.

So – being the magpie that I am, I have started seeing all kinds of fabulous prints that I must add to my new collection – the latest of which I spotted on the Superbalist website. These prints are by American artist Jason Ratliff.

Simple, clean and quirky – I love them!

Jason Ratliff

Jason Ratliff

Jason Ratliff

Jason Ratliff

Jason Ratliff

See more of Jason Ratliff’s work here

Early Birds

It’s 7am and the sun isn’t even up yet – winter really is not agreeing with me. Thankfully we leave for Europe on Friday and apparently the sun is up in Berlin at 4:30 in the morning. Hooray!

Do you also need at least two cuppa’s to face the dark and cold world? Then you are going to love this packaging from Douwe Egberts – Simply divine.
(Found via Free Flavour)

Early Bird

Floating Meadows

London based Rebecca Louise Law work is undeniably breathtaking. Her recent installation, commissioned by London’s Garden Museum to feature in their Flowers & Fashion exhibition “The Flower Garden Display’d 2014″ is quite literally a floating meadow of 4,600 blooms – so magical!

In Rebecca’s words: “Most of my installations are reflecting what’s happening in nature, by looking at plant patterns or observing the way something grows. Then I imagine these themes in real life and times that by a thousand so that it becomes fantasy,”

Visit Rebecca’s personal website for more of her floral loveliness.

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law

All photos thanks to Rebecca Louise Law.
Found via Yellowtrace

Design Indaba Expo 2014

After yet another super busy week, it was so lovely to peacefully meander around this year’s Design Indaba Expo and soak in all the great talent on show. Each year that goes by I am always impressed with the volume of fabulous goodies on display and the amazing talent that is out there.

Naturally I was tempted to spend all the money I had burning a hole in my wallet, but I showed restraint and only landed up bagging two gifts for two fortunate mates (and nothing for me!)
If you get a chance, get down to the CTICC and see what’s out there – but be warned, it gets pretty busy, so try to get there early. (Oh and you have to try the Bubble Tea – I had my fist one yesterday and it was weirdly very, very refreshing!)

Here are a few highlights from the Expo.

Design Indaba ExpoDesign Indaba ExpoDesign Indaba ExpoDesign IndabaDesign Indaba ExpoDesign Indaba Expo

1- Diana Ferreira Ceramics | 2 – Liesel Trautman Ceramics | 3 – Africa Is Now Exhibition |
4 & 5 – Artymiss | 6 – Calvera | 7 & 8 – Run Rabbit Run | 8 – Skermunkil

Colour Inspiration – Rainbows at Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Where is the best spot to view this breathtaking installation at Grace Cathedral in San Fransisco? Lying down on a pew… from there you can look up at the over 1000 statin rainbow ribbons pouring light down from the heavens.

Anne Patterson’s breathtaking work entitled Graced With Light is meant to represent “a series of light pathways, connecting heaven and earth, manifest as ribbons. The ribbons carry our prayers, dreams and wishes skyward, and, in turn, grace streams down the ribbons to us.” Truly inspiring!
Read more about this installation and Grace Cathedral here. Found here.

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Photo credits: Esteban Valdivieso, Fiesteban Photography, Mike Blank

Colour Inspiration – Grey & Pink

The glorious Cape Town sun of yesterday has abandoned us and instead the sky is dull and grey and not very happy looking. In an attempt to brighten up a gloomy day, here is a bit of cosy colour inspiration – Pink and Grey – a soft combination that always work well together.

Included in my inspiration board are some of my current lust decor items – stunning wall decals by the super talented illustrator Fathima Kathrada, a gorgeous Harbour rope lampshade by yarn bomber extraordinaire Isabeau Joubert, delicious ice-cream ceramics by Kate for Josephine Road and a beautiful hand lettered cushion by Alice Edy for Lionheart.

Grey & Pink Colour Inspiration

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 & 5 | 6

Pretty Girls


This week has been so busy, I can hardly believe it’s already Thursday. Our house is full of painters and plasterers, dehumidifiers and ladders – all very boring and annoying. With a spot of luck this may be the last week of construction and things will hopefully go back to some normality soon.

This whole kitchen reno has been one of the the most trying and unpleasant experiences I have had in this house. I hope to blog about it all one day, but for now I am so disillusioned with the episode that I can’t go there.

So instead I will post pic’s of pretty things! Aren’t these gorgeous gals just so lovely? I adore their almost cake like outfits, with strawberry hats and icing coats – so sweet.
I am not quite sure where I first saw them, but I have had the page open for so long on my iPad, that I simple had to share. The artist is Tamayo Konishi a, now former, student at the Tokyo University of Arts. I dont know much more than that – you can see the original article I bookmarked here.

Hope you have an inspirational Thursday.

All photos by Tokyo Bling

Gorgeous Gardening

Golden Garden Hose
Spring is around the corner and I must admit that I have been neglecting our little garden – I spotted this gorgeous gold garden hose and now I am totally inspired to dash out out there and water stuff. Garden Glory make the prettiest hoses (with co-ordinated nozzles) – so elegant!

If gold is a bit too much bling for you, the hoses come in an assortment of gorgeous colour, check them out here

Isn’t it just the most glamorous garden accessory you have ever seen? Of course the antler inspired wall mount is just too cute too – these are going on my Christmas list – Santa, please take note!


Colour Inspiration: Creme Caramel

Today’s spot of colour inspiration is Creme Caramel – let’s face it, looking for inspiration just before lunch can only lead you down one path. Add to that this gorgeous photo and you are off. Hope you enjoy it too.

Colour Inspiration - Creme Caramel

Original photo found here

Colour Inspiration – Turquoise

Being the magpie I am, Pinterest is like a jewel box for me, full of delights for the eyes and the perfect place to collect and squirrel away lots of pretty ideas and inspiration. This month I have decided to share some of my favourite colour collections with you. Today’s hue is turquoise (with a hint of pink). 

Colour Inspiration - turquoise

Image source: Door | Flower | Cookies

Tinned Popes

“Polka Popes” is a crazy cool installation by German artist, Miriam Jonas. Miriam has meticulously sculpted the busts of various Popes (out of kiddies play dough), placed them in old fish tin cans and arranged them on a stark white wall.

But why? I hear you ask. Well this does come at a time when the Catholic Church is welcoming a new Pope and embracing a new era, perhaps Miriam is trying to make light of these heavy proceedings. Could she be hinting at the “fishy” habits of previous clerics? Who knows.

Miriam JonasMiriam JonasMiriam JonasMiriam JonasMiriam Jonas

Originally found here

Colour Inspiration

Mint and Tangerine – the makings of a delicious cocktail? No, instead the beginnings of a new Blog Makeover for a client – exciting stuff indeed.

Mint and tangerine

I have just started working on a very exciting makeover for the loveliest graphic designer (can’t tell you any more than that at this stage). As part of my Blog Makeover process I usually put together a mood board for each full makeover I do.

This is such a fun process, I get to collect photos, illustrations, typography, colours and styles and pop them all together in one big mood board. This step, in my little creative process, is so therapeutic – kind of like design meditation and being the magpie/bowerbird that I am I have no problem getting lost in Pinterest for hours on end.

Well, my client’s new identity and colour palette are so cheerful and inspiring that I couldn’t resist sharing just a tiny portion of the imagery I have collected to put in her new Blog’s mood board. Okay, I haven’t included all the colours in the new palette, I just picked out two of my favorites – a fresh mint and tangerine splash – so gorgeous!
Ironically these are two colours that keep coming up in designs I am asked to work on, not surprising as they are so lovely.

Photo credits:
Church | Rose | Pencils | Frenchie | Chevron Plates