Berlin 2014

Berlin 2014

Planning for a trip overseas is not for the faint hearted – if you are booking airline tickets or trying to secure the perfect AirBnB spot then you have to be ready to pounce as soon as you see a price that suites you. It’s quite the experience and knowing where to search for the best prices can be very intimidating, there are a bunch of great online airline booking services and some are far more efficient than other. I landed up using a combo of Kayak, TravelStart and SkyScanner – they are all easy to use, give you the widest choices and offer the most competitive prices.

Then, once you have secured your flights, booked your train tickets and settled on your accommodation – you need to start planning stuff to do when you get there. This is the fun bit!

Our first stop is Berlin. Berlin is such an exciting city and we are meeting friends there and will spend the first six days of our trip with them exploring the city. Luckily Desmond and Toni are very familiar with the Berlin way of life as they spend most our winter months working in Germany (Toni’s homeland) so we will have the perfect guides while there. None the less I have done quite a bit of research into the best things to see and do while enjoying the German sunshine. My primary objective is to not be too touristy – don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the odd selfie in front of the Brandenburg Gates, but I want to see the real Berlin.

If you are also planning a trip to Berlin have serious FOMO – then are going to need to check out these websites:

Design Sponge Berlin City Guide
Unlike Berlin Guide
The Thrilllsit Berlin guide
Petite Passport
Cee Cee
Stil in Berlin

Oh and if you are a Pinterest nut like me, then check out my travel plan pins here.

Next on the agenda is to plan what we do in Prague, Budapest and Vienna – so more tips and tricks to follow soon.
Hey – if you have been to any of these cities, then I would love to hear from you. What do you recommend? Where should we avoid? All hints are welcome.

Happy holiday planning!

Photo credits:
The Fernsehturm
Sun Loungers
Abandoned Amusement Park

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