Friday inspiration

20130125-105310.jpgFriday is finally here and a very busy week is ticked off my list. I start on a new job today, it’s an old client who has more additions to his exciting project. I get to be creative and I get to play a little too. Lots of fun!
I normally start a new job by looking for inspiration. Although I am constantly on the look out for fresh ideas and design, I find setting aside the time to creatively recharge is vital. It forces me to stop and take a look around… but I have to be strict with my self, else I will spend all this “official” time caught up in Pinterest. Which brings me to the following amazing illustration. Yip, it has nothing to do with my new job, but I could’nt resist. Isn’t it amazing?
It’s called The Curiosity (by Terry Fan) and I want one. Terry Fan is an crazy talented illustrator – you simply have to check out more of his work Terry Fan.

Have a great weekend everyone, hope you find inspiration for what you need to do too!

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