Words to start your week on

Yesterday (Sunday) was my little niece and nephew’s first birthday party. It was a lovely afternoon, my sister’s house was full of kids running about laughing, splashing, eating and generally having a blast.

It was fantastic seeing family I haven’t seen in over a year and catching up with friends, but what really struck me about this day was how quickly time as past since these tiny (very tiny) babies came into our lives. They are big and strong now, but for a while, in the beginning, they where so little and fragile and remembering them hooked up to wires and tubes and machines still seems so scary. It reminds me that we should stop and take account more regularly. Life whizzes by and moments are lost, try to enjoy every step.

I found this great quote by John Hughes (drawn by Friends of Type). I think it sums up my sentiment perfectly.

Wise Words

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